A Rant to the Fat Jewish


Wow really? Cause I’m confused fat Jewish, what did she do wrong? I’m tired of the whole controversy over the performance. I bet none of you knew what it was until the media told you, and those that are proud of what she did are proud because she choose to say something. Rich people don’t have to give 2 fucks about what goes on with us, and so what? The black power fist was about unity and self determination when drugs were introduced to our committees and our people were selling there souls there was no anti-police movement, all who feel it was, feel guilty about what the police did to people of color back then Rudy Giuliani.! And for the rest of the trolls what differs the black power fist from the confederate flag is the flag was a symbol of an oppressed people and a lost war no one still flies the USSR flag in the Soviet Union. Lastly mr Fat Jewsih I wonder had this been about the holocaust would it have bothered you the same? -Vonte.

Last Week Today


(before we start please excuse what grammatical errors I may have missed I suffer from dyslexia)

I feel this needs to be said to all, it’s not about Patti Labelle, It’s not about Paris vs. Kenya, Syria and the other places that faced down terror, I send love to any country that has been terrorized by ISIS I did not change my profile picture but I do not fault anyone whom does, what does confuse me is in a past administration we did have some beef with Paris for not joining us in Bush’s’ war. I did not join in but I know you all recall the “freedom fries” thing (totally stupid by the way) and it wasn’t just fries our nation stopped selling French apple pies and anything else they could. I stand with Paris because I stand with the people not the queen, her government their choices, and I do the same for the innocent in Kenya, Syria, Libya like we all should. NY, Paris stood with us many times They are the reason we have a Statue of Liberty they stood with us when the towers came down and when injustice happens. I’m not sure but I will assume our news doesn’t really reach Syria, Kenya etc.  but I would hope if it does they stand with us also. Care because your human and mass murder of innocent human beings is wrong, not for some social agenda.


And for the Patti Pie Fans that are upset that people don’t care about your pies. It has nothing to do with Patti Labelle it has to do with the energy your spending promoting this product only sold at a place that doesn’t support women in roles of power or did we forget? I know people who went from location to location searching for a Patti pie, sounds great but at the end of the day that’s a win for Walmart so what’s your cause here? I hope she does well, hope she opens some restaurants but calm down people it’s a pie. -Vonte

I Believe I Found The Words.

You ever wake up with a song in your heart? now imagine forgetting all the words, the beat is there but the words don’t come, that’s what its like living with dyslexia. I had a conversation with a good friend about achieving dreams, she told me to make a vision board view it then work to make it happen, and that makes sense but really what holds me back is I am scared, scared as hell I’m going to fail. I know failure is part of life,. Right? you fail or fall and get back up, well I have fallen a couple of times and I rise but never the same when I do. I don’t know what you think dyslexia is, the truth is, it is different for everyone that lives with it. What I can tell you it is not just that numbers jumble, I read things and sometimes see words that aren’t there skip sentences or at first glance read it so fast I don’t understand fully what I read, and yet still took it in. Imagine applying that to signing a contract, I can know exactly what I am supposed to do rehearse it even and when it is time to go forget every detail, apply that to a relationship, friendship. And as I said it’s not just numbers or not just as simple as that. I am an adult and the biggest fear in my adult life is managing my checkbook, understanding fees, how and when transactions are detracted from your account, now imagine I started a business (one of the many great ideas I have) and one wrong purchase can end that. Dyslexia is my memory, my math, my speech, and at times my confidence, and nobody understands this like I do.
I put four shelves up on my wall, they were to be equal height mirrored on opposite sides of a window and for literally four hours I couldn’t wrap my mind around the equation it took to mirror the look, the sad part was I had help and my good friend told me how to do it a few times it just didn’t make sense to me, she explained it, she was right I would agree go to the wall and lose it, admittedly this may be my fault I hid my disability from everyone way into my adult life. I was so good at it that when I started telling people I have dyslexia no one believed me. Hell I graduated High school ,passed college entrance exams, and attended until it all became too much, it was a fight every assignment, every test was the fight of my life. And I am so proud of myself for making it, but I did it to fit in, I did it because I was too proud to ask for help, I just wanted to be normal. What scares me now is, it all really counts no more parents house, and high school now is when I have responsibilities and I am supposed to use those things I crammed, was taught, and took in to live my life. Problem is I forget easily, I can be confused easily, and honestly can’t do this on my own (wonder how I do every day) then add to this weight all of the people who count on me as the voice of reason, in any way possible I take care of everyone I can when they need me but can never really put into words what’s going on with me, likely because I forget the words when I need them or just don’t know them.

That song I lost the words to, beats in my head daily, some days are better than others but truth is I will never get all the words and it is so frustrating but it’s my life, and I’m scared because you can’t fix this I only want you to understand it. -Vonte

I Have to Partly Apologize To Raven

You know what? I really need to retract some of the anger I had about what Raven Symone said, she is part right and I say this because we are In an age where our babies have had babies the names are out of control. Lets not forget social media all that is important now are likes or hits for popularity or profit, you first have to realize not all you see or hear is real. I do feel Watermelondrea if real is terrible as a name, honestly I am hoping its made up for attention. I will admit I was more concerned that it came from Raven’s mouth then what she really meant. Your first name is Raven if it wasn’t for Cosby show she would be in the same boat with Watermelondrea. This isn’t the first time she has opened her mouth and stupid came out so I jumped on her.

I jumped on her because she was the last person that should speak on anything ghetto a child actor who never had to struggle I still feel she needs to sit her ass down. Yet I agree unless by some reason she was thrown in front of me like a starving artist does his demo, and impressed me, I wouldn’t hire a Watermelondrea. Real name or not she’s not stuck with that name none of us are, as an adult she has the right to change it and im not saying she should be a Keisha or Tammy but there is just some stuff people shouldn’t hold on to and if you don’t realize Watermelondrea is a bad name, your small thinking is part of the problem. We all need to grow up not everything is excusable. -Vonte

Listen.. There Is A Method to My Thinking


(before we start please excuse what grammatical errors I may have missed I suffer from dyslexia)

I’m going to talk about a couple of things here, just pay attention. I voted for Clinton, I voted for Obama and to be honest it wasn’t cause they were Democrats or in the one case, sure as hell wasn’t cause he is black, there were other black candidates that didn’t make it as far would have never had my vote. Ben Carson is black and he is a freaking idiot, if I took anything from government (in high school) it is that the president you elect doesn’t control the free world he like the pope for Catholics, is just the respected representative with the power of veto, a sitting president can at best serve only two terms, eight years max, congress can serve until they scandal, retire, or die, no law gets passed by one single entity in government… so yes while our vote doesn’t count why I voted anyway for those two over (lets say now from the far right) because they were less crazy. George W Bush declared a win to a war we hadn’t yet won in a place we shouldn’t have been. Believe it or not, W. could have changed my whole view of him that first week after 9-11-01 all that stupid good ol’ boys Texas shit, I would have had his back if that week he said lets Fuck them up wherever they are right now. But he waited and no one said anything otherwise, nothing against his decision. America looked weak that week North Korea and the Soviet Union laughed at us (cause you do remember they hate us? Oh but Snowden is a fucking hero? Shake my head, screw you directors of his story and anybody that believes Snowden was given asylum without being a trader to the US) Donald Trump believes Mexicans are rapist and murderers, that he can build a wall and the stop this nations life long immigration issue with one wall (where is his wife from?). I only wonder if he can tell the difference between a Cuban, Dominican, or Puerto Rican just to name a few, better yet I wonder how many others that believe what he does can. And I only bring that up because if you are Latino/Latina and you support Donald Trumps’ views what’s stopping them from denying your family? Ben Carson, Trump, and far to many of those on all sides who live sheltered, privileged, lives believe guns don’t kill people, that people do. Yet it is so convenient that you are normal (if white, until you commit mass murder then all of a sudden a background check missed your mental issues I whole heartedly do not understand how people don’t see this shit) I posted on this previously so I will not preach let me leave you with this you don’t need automatic rifles to protect yourself and no freaking way teachers and whomever else Ben and Donald think should carry guns to stop people commit crime should be able to do so, humans are flawed and I hate to say this need laws and need police, not gun totting idiots. I don’t even feel these people are mental not all of them, that’s their plea for sympathy after the fact or what their lawyers and the NRA want you to believe. I see people with weapons who are bored, who want to use their weapons for real shit. that’s the problems with guns some people get bored just looking at them.

I don’t know about you but, me and every single person I know is out of the tax bracket that fuels the thinking of the majority of those in power. They rule by the NRA, the drug companies, oil, and whatever else they have billions invested in. So when I vote and as much as I complain I don’t hate republicans or you people that blame Obama for what little that side of Fox News media can tell you to hate him for, I vote for forward thinkers and I am only disappointed that much like reality shows and wrestling, people just believe everything they see, nobody asks questions anymore. To close this topic George W. Bush was the least qualified and most ridiculous choice for an office that represents a nation so far (since I was old enough to vote) “fool me twice won’t fool me again” let a beauty pageant contestant have said that dumb shit we would never let it go, and again he publicly admitted a win to a war we are still fighting. Vote with your heart when your heart is in the phase that helps you care about others even if those other are just your school mates or co-workers. We live in reality the politicians we vote for don’t really want to pay the taxes we so undoubtedly have no choice not to pay for working people it’s pay or serve time for the wealthy its pay or lobby a vote in your favor better yet use off shore banks

Lastly. So Raven Symone opened her dumb ass M/F mouth again. She and Stacy Dash can take a long walk off a short cliff into a volcano. You two talentless self hating hacks. Raven says she would not hire people with ghetto names but is named after a damn bird and rocks a pink mohawk, sit your privileged ass down because if it wasn’t for your parents selling your young soul you wouldn’t be anything and Stacy your biggest movie is tantamount to who you are.. Clueless. Mediatakeout.com is reporting that Raven was let go for her comments and if you believe that bullshit then your part of the problem too, that shit is great publicity for the show, besides committing a heinous crime there is no bad publicity the dumber she is the more popular the show, look at Love and Hip Hop (anything) or Housewives of (whatever) or the Kardashians… Wait you already do don’t you? Those shows are 80% script. -Vonte

We Need to talk, Let’s  Start With The 2nd Amendment 


(before we start please excuse what grammatical errors I may have missed I suffer from dyslexia)

Powder, lead shot, Ram rod in that order was how you loaded ammunition into you pistol or rifle back when the you were given the right bear arms. Nobody wants to take away your damn guns we are only asking what the Fcuk you need with assault rifles? You can’t hunt with them, dare you do that they will treat like they treat Walter Palmer, better yet Michael Vick, there is no sport in that. Protecting yourself and your home should and will always be a right so purchase your handguns or shotguns should you choose, just don’t tell me this law applies to assault rifles the mobile equivalent of a gatling gun for the 18 century can you imagine if every man had a gatling gun in 1789? The murder of Lincoln alone would have been a theatre massacre.

On with the ridiculous-ness. Who interprets these rules/laws? KIM Davis a Christian couldn’t wait to hit mass media and say she spoke with Pope Francis the living breathing symbol of the Catholic church and he told her to keep on fighting, this news broke a full day after he had left the United States, she made it out to be a one to one meeting, personal and I was instantly sick to my stomach for the first time that historic week. Angry again at society, religion, and humanity. “It could not be” I said to myself as I watched media repeat the story multiple times on multiple stations just her side. Later we find out she lied (this faithful Christian woman) the meeting wasn’t one to one,  was not personal, she was one of several dozens and not even one of the two whom the pope expected to see, also there wasn’t much of a conversation I’m not even sure they have established whether Pope Francis knew who she was. But she wanted you to believe she had someone blessing someone who mattered. (as politicians don’t matter) We have taken these delineations too far, how we each separately interpret these rules, when it really shouldn’t be that complicated. If you feel your job goes against your religious beliefs than quit. Who has a standoff with their employer for personal reasons and gets support? that is nothing but your opinion vs your duty. I was baptized Catholic as a child, I’m from the northeast and the further south and west christianity scares me (this mind you is all only my opinion) christians can like the confederate symbol from a lost war, used at times for hate and segregation, they more frequently tote guns and commit mass shootings, (by the way you lost) the flag dies when you lose we don’t call the Soviet Union the USSR let it go. Catholics have child sex scandals in the church and a history of really strict rules were supposed to follow.  I say this to say, I choose my own path and I choose humanity first. I am dyslexic the bible in any religion is too long and print too small for me to read not to mention I would forget what I read a few minutes before, be lost in a paragraph that would run off into a separate sentence and need google just to translate the terminology. Funny thing is the way each sect reads these books differently I am mot sure I’m the only one.

These two topics  come from someone’s adaptation that where just meant as rules to live by, not to follow to the “T” according to whom you follow or choose to believe in. WE DONT WANT YOUR GUNS WE JUST DONT WANT PEOPLE WALKING AROUND WITH GATLING GUNS AND WHO DECIDES THESE PEOPLE ARE UNSTABLE ALL OF A SUDDEN? Leave the Church out of your ability to break the laws, and if you ask me Kim Davis is mentally ill. -Vonte

I Will Never Forget

Though it took a tragedy I will never forget for one day we were all americans brothers and sisters. People stopped complaining about what made us different and prayed for those they did not know. For one day I thought this will bring us all together this will end the lies and bring understanding bring change. As I see the skyline of my birthplace and monument across the highway from where I was headed that morning I think about that day often. The tragedy that gave our nation humanity… for a day. -Vonte (posted to FB)

Do Me A Favor..

(before we start please excuse what grammatical errors I may have missed I suffer from dyslexia)
Don’t give that glory to God. I will apologize because I am far from the most religious person out there, and that is a conversation for those I know whom choose to speak about religion. But do not do that lets not fight over religion. Say you don’t because you don’t want to but do not make or break laws for your beliefs, that is not how this country was taken/born. Those that came here initially we are taught came here for religious freedoms. We are or were taught that church and state are seprate things. I interpret relgion as a baseline for morals rules to live by not to govern.

What the hell is happening to this country? I can very easily name a group that wars for religion. In  America alone how many different sides to that fight are there? And im talking denominations of the same base belief before you consider totally seprate religions? If nothing else out there religion is an easy segregator, how ironic when belief in a higher being is all about inner peace. So please people I beg you don’t push that on me, please stand up and say “I Will not because I don’t want to”.  And by the way Kim Davis how does your god feel about divorce?  God doesn’t want that glory wait, whoms god are we speaking to? -Vonte. 

Are You Done? 


(before we start please excuse what grammatical errors I may have missed I suffer from dyslexia)


I’m starting to wonder if there is an NRA spokesperson over the news casts or maybe some round table with words they can say when a shooting happens. Let’s make this clear Vestor Flanagan is a coward, likely an idiot and would have been an easy  conviction, but I’m looking back at the James Holmes mass shooting, people unknown to him in a movie theater and more recently the Dylan Roof mass shooting, again victims unknown to him listen to the descriptions you’ll hear young man, adult male, troubled youth etc. Vestor wrote about stalked and went after two former co-workers, with an extra innocent bystander (yes all victims in all cases innocent to clarify) but with this case Flanagan is described as deranged, mentally unstable etc. is that because he killed himself  so with this we can only blame gun laws? I don’t see a mental issue? Funny how he held several jobs would have passed several backgrounds checks, and they all missed his mental history? I’m waiting for this mental history to be released (not holding my breath) this idiot whom did not live to face his crimes was calculated, planned, and precise. This would have been an open and shut case,  his dumb ass recorded and bragged about it, where is the mental case he can claim?  They showed us he was into lifting and evidently his body,  labeled him narcissistic for wearing see thru shirts and taking pictures of his physique, so you other elite gym guys that’s you too (not making this up either I witnessed this on tv)  It is absurd to me two other men committed mass murder lived to face crimes and were never described as deranged or mentally ill, only young, man adult male, and troubled.

Still think I’m crazy? Go back to 2011 and the shooting of congress woman Gaberielle Giffords by Jared Lee Loughner. “Loughner was described by eyewitnesses at the Arizona shooting as a young white man who looked like a fringe character, in his mid-to-late 20s, clean-shaven with short hair and wearing dark clothing”.

listen to the reports they call him a gunman, bystander, and a man as the story breaks. Media makes me sick. -Vonte

Yeah Your Right It’s Not Just #blacklivesmatter


(before we start please excuse what grammatical errors I may have missed I suffer from dyslexia)

It’s only, the hashtag ignorance will no longer be accepted isn’t as slogan(ee) it didn’t take Straight Outta Compton, or any of the latest police slayings of unarmed black people in the last year to call for this movement. It has been many years of ignorance, and the truth that more unarmed black lives are lost for minor crimes then mass murderors apprehended whom live to face trial in this last year. So.. #policelivesmatter but no disrespect you know why that hasn’t already been a hashtag because it’s not even necessary there not fighting a war not police, they clock in and clock out in shifts like the rest of us, going into work with a bad attitude or whatever problems you have that day someone runs from you or questions your authority  does not stand in any other job as a reason to shoot. Need i remind you Reese Witherspoon resisted, Chanel West Coast Kicked, and talked back, Shia Lebeouf spat at, and hell even Too Short ran from police yet no one was shot. Soldiers fight wars for the country and black people fight a war for equality against ignorance close your eyes to it as you may, that’s your choice as an American but don’t belittle a spoken truth keep to your cat videos and Trump campaign (and no I’m not sorry) lastly don’t worry about us vs. us you end police profiling and brutality for patrols and the neighborhoods will start parenting and help. -Vonte