So Kanye Has Blessed The Pheasants With A Price


I don’t know whom to be more upset with as far as sneakers go, Kanye West or Michael Jordan the two share the title of the most over-hyped over-priced sneakers Out there, I actually had respect for the Nike Yeezy’s, but they created very limited pairs  and with that a greater demand. His previous offerings go for three grand and up. Now he wants you to pay $100 more for these Adidas, and that is not a knock on Adidas as it is on high fashion, here is why I am not impressed. during his sneaker hiatus when he tried to break into fashion by way of money, he called us all slaves to high fashion. Now he releases a Clone of sorts under another brand  charges you more but its okay because he is who he is. As Adidas go these are a fresh new step in fashion, the sole is fantastically interesting, the boot like opening and interesting lace up, scream attention I Just don’t see $350, and maybe because of who he is. You can’t bully your way thru music and fashion, I give you musical genius, creative bastard, but lose the auto-tune and work with Twista, Common, and Consequence again. I am not truly certain on your input with Nike and why things went south, true your kicks are way above just mentionable but I’m not on your label Good Music (whom by the way have their pairs for free) I am a hardworking sneaker collector. One who thinks Jordans aren’t collectors items because they come out every month in a new color like every other Nike Air Max or Air Force One I have De La’s, DJ AM and Coraline dunks those are rare and at launch no more than $150 each. I don’t know maybe I’m crazy maybe too much Public Enemy but I won’t believe the hype. ~Vonte

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Adidas C-10. Young Fresh and New



Before I blab on, this August Adidas is releasing the first fresh idea I have seen in over a decade the Adidas C-10 $90 with this sneaker I feel they totally recreated the three stripe brand and have made another real classic.
Here is a link for more design details from the story .

I must say I am excited for this shoe, excited for fresh idea there really hasn’t been one in the sneaker industry for over a decade sorry Jeremy Scott and not sorry at all Nike, (the flystepper 2k was close but seemed to have been done before and in fact they favored Kanye’s Louboutin). So bravo Adidas I will be coping this. -Vonte

A message to Jermey Scott and Adidas

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STOP,  or at least slow it down.  Five years ago when the collection launched you had me, it was the coolest and most original sneaker collaborations since Yamamoto and Adidas at a time when no major brands had anything new you constantly stepped up to the plate.  But your killing it now going too far its like there are so many wings and teddy bears out there that you can’t tell real from fake and house shoes from sneakers. Had to be the first pair of Teddy’s where I looked at the line like “Jeremy must be bored”, but yet the shoes kept coming.  I applaud your creativity just want you to hit the pause button, maybe it just to much of a good thing, with the exception of a few pair of Wings in my opinion  the others are kinda trashy,  that may sound harsh but I’ve seen people actually try to wear these and it just doesn’t work. -Vonte

Adidas x Burton

Snow much where your from? how about stomping through the snow in a pair of these? A collaboration between Adidas and Burton snowboard shop according to Burton’s Facebook page “Originally inspired by mid 90’s Burton Freestyle boots, this high-cut winter boot features a vulcanized, rubber outsole and fur lining to keep you warm and dry. Bonus molded key zip pocket.”  These boots look pretty hot currently available at both select Adidas Originals and Burton Flagship Stores. Now I’m not sure how bad you weather is or if you snowboard but I expect to see a quite a few people wearing these. – Vonte

Adidas Augmeneted Reality collection-Hot

Augmented reality – a term for a live direct or indirect view of a physical real-world environment whose elements are merged (or augmented) by virtual computer generated imagery.  Five mens sneakers with a special code implanted in the tongue that does just so, the user goes to (yes twice) click on keys to our hood, hold your sneaker up to the webcam  and your virtual world pops out right before your eyes.  Your sneaker is the game and the controller.  head on over to grab a pair or two and game on. -Vonte

Adidas Star Wars collection-Hot

The sneaker collaboration battle, continues to heat up, and you gotta love it, these companies are finding new ways to bring fresh new ideas to the consumer.  Adidas has done so this year with Star Wars, and I haven’t seen any collaboration fused so well so far, six must have classic Adidas recreated for both Star Wars Fans and Sneaker addicts a-like served up in a really cool, collective action figure-like packaging. And that’s not to belittle the apparel. Adidas is onto something here grab a pair or two if your lucky enough to get your hands on some, I have a feeling they’ll sell out quick.

Characters Pack
This pack takes the most iconic moments and characters from the Star Wars saga and brings them to life across five sneakers, two short sleeve T-shirts and the Superstar Track Top.

Vehicles Pack
For this pack, we have taken inspiration from the well-known vehicles and crafts from the Star Wars saga and translated them to our five most iconic Adidas Originals sneakers and two key Adidas Originals apparel models. Across these models we have paid homage to the distinguished features of airborne crafts and land based vehicles from both sides of the Force and executed them to appeal to both Adidas and Star Wars fans alike.

Direct Pack
Darth Vader and the Stormtroopers appear in this pack as well as in the Characters pack. Also, the Women’s Game Mid silhouette that appears here is inspired by Princess Leia, featuring gold detailing paired with a modern high-top silhouette with matching apparel. via -Vonte