black lives matter

I Just Refuse.

maxresdefault(before we start please excuse what grammatical errors I may have missed I suffer from dyslexia)

I refuse to believe that people can be so naive. It has come to a point where it hurts so much that I don’t have the energy to complain anymore.
I watched the full Tomi Lahren interview her arguments spew white privilege so I want to set some things straight. Things got interesting when the conversation turned to BLM and black people protesting,  she feels that Colin Kapernick  is doing things the wrong way taking it our on the flag and the anthem. Trevor Noah then asked her How? How? is he supposed to protest correctly,  as a black man if we march in the streets people say we are thugs if we go out and protest people say it’s a riot and if we kneel that is still not the right, to which she had no answer Tomi was then asked how would she protest? to which she answered, she does not, she will not protest about the country she lives in because she will not allow herself to be “a victim” even though she knows that women only received the right to vote after black people did.

There is still suffrage of woman to this day men in government and in church still think they know what a woman must do, so she won’t let that way her down that is great for her and all others who don’t. We as black people are amongst the few groups of people whom were actually enslaved. Wasn’t my generation? True! Yet history has and continues to glance over, listen I’ve learned more about Lief Erikson and Chris Columbus in history then I did what happened to Africans and Indians in school, we didn’t touch on slavery until the week we had to watch roots after having to read Huckleberry Finn. in school you are lead to believe that the thanksgiving of then was a great feat to bring people together but not told it was an apology for genocide ( I do now believe the holiday is more about family than a minuscule gesture it was then) but as a black person am I a victim? Yes I am. It starts with the education system glossing over accomplishments of people who overcome extreme hardships (and that’s not solely just the black struggle)  maybe mention the people of whom this country was built on the backs of, and those whom were trampled over,  add to that a prison system that in the 13th  amendment is described as a legal form of slavery. It hurts me to mention the fact that many white people want us to just get over it. What hardship have you faced that made you so insensitive to that of anyone not like you? Was it the factory job your grandfather lost or the farm you had to abandon? Because on the other end of the spectrum people died, men women and children were separated from the families, property was taken from their ancestors by force and  humans were sold.

So fuck you, get over it. I promise I will begin to attempt to get over it when those of you who support the confederacy concede to the fact you lost the war so history or not your only flag should be the American, leave that lost battle and all its beliefs to the books in the library. As I sit here and my cursor blinks and on the days my mind races angered at how blind people can be, how intolerant, how naïve know that I am not asking you to jump on the front lines with the struggle of any other people if that’s not what you feel, I only ask that you sympathize, because when you sympathize you show that you acknowledge the suffrage. -Vonte


I Can’t Tell You Which Lie Hurts Worst

freddie gray

(before we start please excuse what grammatical errors I may have missed I suffer from dyslexia)


I’ve tried to stay away from the blog but crazy shit just keeps happening. So this time I need you to tell me why my vote actually matters, and I need you to make your point so that I can understand it. I’m going to talk about a couple of topics,  just bear with me here.

Before I go into my vote let me say this about the third and believed to be the most possible suspect in the Freddie Gray Murder/ sorry death in custody case. When you drop you child off at the bus stop they are at the care of the school district, god forbid let there be an accident. Now Freddie Gray was no child and this was no school, but this man was in police custody, in a police van and so far 3 of the six involved will not face charges.

Okay let me talk about my vote because you tell me it matters, I hear it so often,  as I understand it votes are first rated by what neighborhood, district, city then state you reside.  for instance I lived in the City of Chicago went to a downtown voting station because it was convenient, I worked downtown at this is still in the city of Chicago. Nope couldn’t vote there not my district. I go elsewhere do my diligence and the results come out, not enough people from the district that could evoke a change, do  ( because they anticipate your areas majority vote, unless there is a huge change your state votes the way it always did  and only gets a certain amount of delegates). So say a person like Trump becomes the nominee. Okay this I can get over, maybe more people just turned out to vote, then you hear about Super delegates, (sounds straight out of a comic book) lets say someone had those locked in before the campaign even began, so fight as you may other candidates this person pretty much won. Wait finally tell me why one of the leading candidates at the time, leading in all poles for that side came out and said out of their own mouth “the system is corrupt” you are in the lead sir what problems might there be?


Aright so screw all of that right? Lets talk gun control, the house democrats hosted a sit in (let me hold back my excitement for them making a difference) this sit-in was just to get a vote not guaranteeing either side of the argument just a conversation about, at best and the rest of the house walked out and started vacation. There may never be a change to our gun laws because of our 2nd amendment rights and what people believe, but why are citizens allowed to be more heavily armed than the average beat cop who is supposed to protect our streets? What was the old folks sit-in supposed to accomplish? These fools even turned off the cameras, sounds like game over to me.

So let me get this straight unless I and many others like me move to a state where there aren’t enough of me my vote doesn’t really matter for the presidential races, then you tell me change who represents my state “they are what matters” well those people can’t even get all their other co workers to come in to work for a vote, and until they are caught red-handed who keeps them honest these folks get contributions and gifts (add that and their earnings are similar to that of athlete salaries) all while in office, who’s to say it’s not for a favor later on? And where the hell do I vote for the super delegates?. Lastly when the hell did church and state become the same? and who’s church are we following?  So I ask you to explain to me in a way I can understand (because I am dyslexic) how my vote matters? Mind you I have to break everything down to store it in my head, it has to make sense for me and right now I don’t even understand how it makes sense to you.

So which lie is worst that my vote matters? or that there is equal justice? -Vonte





I Don’t Expect You To Care


(before we start please excuse what grammatical errors I may have missed I suffer from dyslexia)

I only ask that you hear me out this story is not about Cecil the lion as it is about human nature. back in June an American dentist trapped, killed, and beheaded a lion. The world cried and I know because their were friends on my FB timeline who posted and (I know without a doubt) actually cried. so Cecil that lion whom was murdered in Africa earned to be remembered in lights atop the Empire State building. We have so many problems here, what nation doesn’t but how (what process) or whom made these choices? I get that we have so many problems here, there would be A light show every minute of every day to represent that and we still may not get them all, but lately police are killing unarmed black men, yet fair-skinned mass murderous are being taken alive (unless they commit suicide). And no matter how you feel in your heart about unarmed assailants running from or talking back to the police (unarmed) you have got to see there is an issue somewhere. Let us not forget most famously Reese Witherspoon cursed out and physically obstructed the officer from arresting her husband, she wasn’t tazed or shot and ended up getting off with a fine under $220 dollars, still don’t see a problem? Be that proper training or racism. Yes I am so pleased this medium wasn’t used for Caitlyn Jenner as she is not a hero.  And I do not expect you to stand up for every cause but humans, good or bad are what we are, before race disconnected us, religion separated us, politics divided us, and wealth classified us.

I thought it messed up that an endangered animal was murdered but damned if it effected me enough to bring up and fight in the cause to bring that man to justice, we gave Michael Vick more time than any I have seen lose a case on Animal Cops for cruelty to multiple animals. There is not an age in the history of man that there hasn’t been an injustice to humankind but we can’t be numb to it, we can’t imagine it away, I just expect to see more outrage for things we can see clearly, prove, hell for humans. The system though it may be broken to some point works, I’m saying there should be more people standing up for people before we fight anything else.

To my friends who have friends that need to hear this message black lives need to matter to some of our own brothers and sisters before they matter to some others, while that doesn’t excuse any unarmed murders of our people (all people) it needs to be more of an issue than an African lion, a flag, a rap battle, or the Kardashians. This is only a guess but I feel if we humans put more thought into human life, we would solve many of our own problems. I’m saying asking if we could as humans all believe in one thing then let that be that human life matters. Live by that as the baseline for your decisions oh wait many of you believe that already it is a commandment, so I wonder why is that so hard to truly interpret where did we lose that in translation. What the fuck do I know  anyway. -Vonte