Instant Fame and Reality TV stars

Being on a reality show, with the exception of the talent shows, just doesn’t make you a star. It is perfectly alright with me for shows like VH1s’ The Surreal Life where celebrities from the past serve as the cast, that’s interesting stuff. Seeing Corey Feldman and MC Hammer, in sort of what they are now, and how they act outside of work that’s the reality show I think we deserve.
Seriously WTF! where are the real actors, the sitcoms and acted drama’s, the people with skills that win awards. These reality show freaks aren’t actors, not good ones anyway the only memorable parts of these shows are the drunken fights, fights, and male and female promiscuity. I just don’t see why I should care, and I don’t. -Vonte

Well if Americans are willing to elect a complete hillbilly and all around inhumane president to two terms (you know who). Then why is it inconceivable that we are willing to stare at talentless losers on TV? Really I don’t care if you are too fat to go to the gym or put down the doughnut without winning a large sum of cash, I don’t care that you want to be a model or someone in fashion and you shop at wet seal, fake and bake, and can’t really fit those low-rise jeans.
But some americans do care, and that’s the point. If people want to sit around watching this stuff then don’t knock them and don’t knock the talentless people who take advantage of an easy situation. It’s just like dating a gullable person, if they are going to give you what you want without having to give back, most people will take them up on it. -Ky