eric garner

It Has To Be Said


Yo we got problems black people, but whatever, that shit ain’t new nor is it news right? So let me explain what makes me most upset, we’re not going anywhere if anything were going backwards. Not enough of us care to make a difference. Bill Cosby was the first to stand up and say something his initial rant on African American youth is the reason I write, and truth is if you don’t see it as anything else look at it as the man who was the only father many of those in my generation had looked at us and was dispappointed at what he saw. We’re out here standing up for justice and I love seeing that right, but there a big difference between now and back when we had to do this before. Where is the justice for our children dying cause these ninjas out here can’t shoot straight? Whose standing up to take back our neighborhoods? Get the drugs and gangs off our blocks? So damn I love it, and I feel the anger, the hurt. But I am almost disappointed that we can’t be like this for all of our problems.

So I’m hard on you but only because I have always been the same on myself. Besides Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, and Eric Garner this generation hasn’t really stood for anything. It’s almost hypocritical. Yes we need black loves to matter to police but after we’re done how many of you out there will stand up to end violence your neighborhoods?

I apologize if it sounds like I am at all angry at the people out there standing up, please know that I am inspired by the comradery and honestly we need more of it. #wakeup.-Vonte