hidden figures

So Often We Are Let Down


(before we start please excuse what grammatical errors I may have missed I suffer from dyslexia)

Let Me Say Hidden Figures was an amazing and inspiring movie, I do not care your color or cred go see this movie. As an 80’s baby I can tell you space launches were a big deal, so much so they were broadcast live on tv. I had to be all of nine as we gathered around the television at school in 1986 for the launch of the Challenger, all of us dreaming of what space is like. We sat quietly as this shuttle blasted off and shortly there after were confused (or at least I was) when it broke apart and the TV was abruptly turned off, because someone quickly realized that wasn’t normal and they may not have survived, as it turns out that flight had in fact ended in tragedy it was all over the airwaves, so had we not seen it in school we would have heard or saw it later that day. A very sad day in fact the first I could remember from that time of my life where the nation mourned together. It wasn’t until 92′ Launch of the Endeavor shuttle I remember even being excited again about a space launch this may have been because by then I had already forgot about the Challenger tragedy and also because this time going to space was a black woman, Mae Jemison, the first black woman going to space. The school television was brought into class as it was in 86′ and again we sat around in awe as the countdown began you could feel the tension and the excitement in the room, followed by the relief as it made into space successfully.

So I mentioned I felt let down, let me explain. As I watched the movie Hidden Figures a wash of emotions came over me, mostly and more importantly for this post was anger I was so dissapointed that we have come this far and this story is just now being told, and I am not talking about in film maybe this cast of Taraji P. Henson, Octavia Spencer, and Jonelle Monae were what this story needed to be told in film in fact after watching it I am ever more in love in what these three women the actual characters they portray and the actresses themselves have done. The anger comes from never hearing this story before I watched this movie on New Years eve 2016, not one mention in a history book not one fact teller on a musem tour not one conspiracy theory (if you will). you have to understand that going to space and being an astronaunt was what children wanted to be as soon as they heard about space, in a sense shooting for the stars, imagine how african american children would have been inspired after hearing these three womens stories. It turns out that at some point in my life I realized my fear of heights and the astronant dream though cool was not going to be a reality for me, why wasn’t I told about the mathmatition the engineer (beyond locomotives) or a coding supervisor/programmer we sure heard about Amelia Earhart and Rosie the Riverter. I’m so angry I can’t even finish this my mind is racing with possibilities no disrespect to Amelia or the symbol Rosie I just feel… let down.-Vonte