janay rice

That’s Fine Janay I’m Over it


I’m listening to the latest parts of this Janay Rice interview with Matt Lauer, who asked some good questions, and after hearing her speak more about it I am so over it. Sadly I’m over Domestic Violence as a whole now, don’t bother telling me about it. Let me say some of the issues I have with this and then move on. First she is still trying to bury the situation almost like it is not DV, this is one of my biggest beefs with the situation mainly because for most women to understand they have to leave that type of situation someone else has to tell them.

She admits she is still refusing to see the second part of the video which is the elevator video, so in case your unfamiliar it is when he spat in her face knocks her ass out, then half assed dragged her by one foot partially out the elevator. Damn! right? I just wrote it and it sounds graphic? So you can tell me it’s not him, tell me it’s for your family, and tell me you were both intoxicated. I and many men I know have never done anything like that to a woman, so to those people I speak of its not them, but he did that. That’s him. It would have been better in my opinion if she just never said anything at all. Just don’t speak up. Because it is just making excuses for it as many others going through something similar. And so I am over it all of it. We can’t shame the victim and we won’t find out of it happens again hell they practically buried this incident (till somebody missed a payment or someone new saw a come up). I believe in respecting people’s feelings and at most times being politically correct but how in doing so do I not turn my back on domestic violence? I’ll mind my business next time he knocks your ass out and for right now do the same for all. And people say New Yorkers are rude, we just mind our own business.

Respect to her mom, Candy Palmer kind of kept it real with her statements but I feel she also has to respect her daughters wishes on this one. -Vonte

Alright Let Me At It


Before I start this off I want you to understand I’m going to touch on a few different subjects just understand there is a purpose and it all comes together. I won’t speak about Ray Rice (per say) he is getting some or all of what he deserves, I overheard talk of his wife and victim shaming. Let me make this clear I don’t believe a man should hit a woman and I Don’t know this family what happens and how often so I will just speak on domestic violence and victim shaming in this case. I make no apologies for what I am about to say. Why not? Why not shame Janay Rice? Let’s speak on what we know clearly, regardless of what happened before, how much they drank before video captures them Ray spat at her according to newly released info twice, (I had wondered what that motion was in the hallway and elevator) then hit her so hard she loses her balance only to hit her head on a handrail in elevator, which blow was worse? Was she out before the handrail? at the time they were only engaged and a month later married. Say what you want, there were talks about money and his football career. To be clear again no woman or (man in Lionel Ritchie’s case) should stay in an environment like that maybe if more people around them, had shamed Janay we wouldn’t be having the most unfair part of this conversation she laid lifeless on the floor, he unsuccessfully dragged her out of the the way of the door, and going just off what I saw it seemed like when that door first opened he tried to get away but was caught. Domestic violence has the same meaning wether it happens once or repeatedly and you can’t stay.

I want to talk about what Whoopi said and I thank her for being real as a woman and saying it cause a man never should. “I just said, don’t anybody hit anybody,” she said. “But If you make the choice as a woman, who’s four foot three, and you decide to hit a guy who’s six feet tall and you’re the last thing he wants to deal with that day and he hits you back, you cannot be surprised!” I can say till I’m blue in the face that I will never hit a woman. But I haven’t yet been hit by one, and what happens if that woman can knuckle up and gets me good? Don’t I deserve to defend myself?, protect myself? What do you tell your children to do if they are hit at school? I don’t know what I would truly do, do you?

Walking into a Burger King yesterday I stumbled upon a show with Montel Williams having a round table style discussion and topic of Ray Rice and how the NFL mishandled the situation came up and Montel made me realize something that should be so clear. today we are shunning the NFL and Roger Gidell but Ray is not the first I believe he said there are 65 cases in the NfL of DV, and he stated that some may be numb to this type of violence, he said to look at shows like the real housewives, Jersey shore, and other reality shows advertise and bank on violence, man on woman violence in the case of Snooki and Jersey Shore, and woman on woman or man in the other shows and no one is calling for those to be taken off he said they use it violence as a reason for some of you to tune in.

Damn I don’t even know what’s right anymore. I’ll say as man I don’t feel bad for Ray or Janay, neither can take back what happened and the only reason it’s public is because it was on tape, so I hope staying together for the family pans out for the two of them. Whoopi is so right don’t anyone hit anyone and not expect to be hit back, how about we start there. And Montel made me realize we are many of us some kind of Hippocrates what’s acceptable for some is taboo for others what kind of a society have we become?. -Vonte