And the Tiger goes too..

Jesse James gets the Tiger Woods award for his highly publicised affair with Michelle “Bombshell” McGee, web porn star/stripper with whom Jesse had an affair with. In and interview with E McGee says “its hard being the most hated person in america, It’s easy to target someone who looks different”.  Michelle goes on to say that Jesse told her they were separated, and I somewhat agree that she’s being targeted because only freaks tattoo their faces (Lil Wayne and others) their affair is not why i don’t like her. My dislike for McGee is the fact that she’s taking pictures like this –

Jesse (and others) sex addiction is not a scape goat for infidelity man up to it and face your problems, then try marriage counseling if the two of you want to work it out. And lastly to Michelle McGee for reasons unrelated to the “Tiger” if this is how you roll then I hope you choke on a.. well you figure it out. -Vonte