I Feel Like I Need To Say Something…And It May Not Be What You Think 

I’m going to start this off with what bothers me about this title but it’s not necessarily the word ‘bitch’ because as a black man I can’t deny friends of mine and I, do use the word  “nigga” as a term of endearment. We could go back and forth about what’s right and wrong with those two words but there not going anywhere no matter how hard we may want them to. If you read my blog, or know me in person you know you know I love the strippers a woman’s body is the most beautiful thing so this isn’t diss to Amber (because she started as one) or anyone else in that field.  So here goes. First a thought “how to be a bad bitch”(as it applies to the term of endearment) well the truth is the real ones just are, nobody says it to them its said in someone’s head, as there proud of her like “yo my bitch is bad” or in the bedroom as bedroom talk, maybe out loud by her good female friend. But you don’t label yourself.

There is something just so wrong about putting those words together as an adjective (bad bitch) is just as bad as (real nigga) you think about that for a second.  Term of endearment? Brag? It’s funny to me, I’m dyslexic so I think about words and what they mean when spoken or written, funny to me because maybe many others should too.

If I ever have any children whatever path they choose in life that is not crime I’m there for real support but don’t want them referring to themselves as “bad bitches” or “real niggas” choose one word, these words should never be combined its demeaning in fact depending on how you view the meanings, your either selling yourself short or have nothing left to achieve.

Lastly and I am infatuated with Amber Rose, but it wasn’t to long ago I wrote an Amber piece,  so if being a Bad Bitch is synonymous with divorce and being alone, being passed on by one who never mentioned he wanted to marry her or anyone until he found that one (who may be worse or just as bad depending on opinions,Kanye). Why would you want to become that? I wouldn’t want that for my kids. Get your life together want to be better and shoot for that. -Vonte

How Soon We Forget


We’re going to talk about the Amber Rose Kardashian beef. but let me start buy saying this, as of late I’m no Kanye fan I just went off on him about his Yeezy Boosts sneaker, and well, after the Grammys and his excerpt directly following I was like “Ye sit down and shut up” but for his outburst there is now clarity at least for me and if you don’t know the read up : Kanye –

“When I said that thing about respect artistry, I think it came off the wrong way, and that was a mis-wording on my part because obviously Beck is one the most respected artists and respects artistry,” he said. “But I felt that even though the Grammys sometimes gives awards to people who you wouldn’t think should win in the category, as a respect to artists, we mention the other artist’s name in our speech. And that was the point I was making about it. There’s like many of times I gave other people my award, literally made them come up onstage. Maroon 5, when they won best new artist, [Adam Levine] mentioned me because it was the College Dropout and [it had] 10 nominations and all that.”

That said here’s what I thought about that Grammy win, (I know who Beck is known of him since the 90’s and he’s been an artist before that hell he’s starred on Futurama) but I was like “Beck has a recent album out?” It actually makes me think like Me maybe Kanye struggles with dyslexia he knows what he wants to say but sometimes it just comes out totally wrong. could be wrong he could just be a total ass, but I almost get it.

So now onto this Khole vs. Amber first. Amber said nothing disrespectful at first about her little sister Kylie, she said she is 17 a baby and said she should be in bed, that’s just calling her young so for khloe to say anything like she did about her stripping since 15 she deserved to get wrecked like she did by Amber. But for those of you who think Kanye shouldn’t have joined in after Amber responded to khloe, two things: 1. Amber MeMe’d Kanye. 2. Kim is his wife and that is his family let him not say anything. Now if I had a choice it’d be Amber over Kim all day but neither are any better and I mean that with as least disrespect as possible. I will remind you famous peoples relationships aren’t normal, you don’t believe me search my archives for how I feel about Paula Patton/Robin Thicke. Stop choosing sides cause you got a crush on Amber. Kanye can say what he wants about either of them and no matter how you feel, Rose and Ye were never engaged, he may have gone a little hard with the 30 showers but she clearly wasn’t his “her” and Kanye is the reason you know who she is. -Vonte

So Kanye Has Blessed The Pheasants With A Price


I don’t know whom to be more upset with as far as sneakers go, Kanye West or Michael Jordan the two share the title of the most over-hyped over-priced sneakers Out there, I actually had respect for the Nike Yeezy’s, but they created very limited pairs  and with that a greater demand. His previous offerings go for three grand and up. Now he wants you to pay $100 more for these Adidas, and that is not a knock on Adidas as it is on high fashion, here is why I am not impressed. during his sneaker hiatus when he tried to break into fashion by way of money, he called us all slaves to high fashion. Now he releases a Clone of sorts under another brand  charges you more but its okay because he is who he is. As Adidas go these are a fresh new step in fashion, the sole is fantastically interesting, the boot like opening and interesting lace up, scream attention I Just don’t see $350, and maybe because of who he is. You can’t bully your way thru music and fashion, I give you musical genius, creative bastard, but lose the auto-tune and work with Twista, Common, and Consequence again. I am not truly certain on your input with Nike and why things went south, true your kicks are way above just mentionable but I’m not on your label Good Music (whom by the way have their pairs for free) I am a hardworking sneaker collector. One who thinks Jordans aren’t collectors items because they come out every month in a new color like every other Nike Air Max or Air Force One I have De La’s, DJ AM and Coraline dunks those are rare and at launch no more than $150 each. I don’t know maybe I’m crazy maybe too much Public Enemy but I won’t believe the hype. ~Vonte

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I’m tired of talking about it, Now its time to stand up

(before we start please excuse what grammatical errors I may have missed I suffer from dyslexia)

Writer Melinda Tankard Reist. and some others started a petition against Kanye West’s “Monster” video stating “I’m not interested at all in going after Kanye West for the sake of it. That would be very boring. It specifically relates to the carnival of carnage he has created, the ‘rape scenario set to a soundtrack’,  the idea that torture porn is sexy. We are targeting what he has created and the message it sends and the harm this causes.”

As Martin would say “get ta stepping” I am  sick of this, I blog about this constantly, and I think it is now time for us to stand up. I haven’t seen one non-offensive Lady GaGa video, I keep talking about her VMA performance which I will remind you is live compared to music video shows, she has themes of suicide she hangs herself at the end of the performance, blood, and she rolled around on stage in a wheelchair. Nobody says anything but praise about her performances, she’s so “original” and “artistic.” Charlie Sheen (whom is now been let go from “Two and a Half men” has been given more coverage and publicity than Kanye has ever had for doing  much worst that telling some artist she wasn’t better than Beyonce. People! Charlie did an “eight-ball” of crack, publicly slammed his producers and there families calling there wives and children ugly, Has porn stars watching over his children, and has been on every talk show he wanted promoting his message, I’ve seen regular people catch cases for anyone of those offenses, while Mr. West was shunned in the media.

There are talks that MTV banned the video (which they say they have yet to do so) banning this video shouldn’t even be considered the two number one shows on MTV promote domestic violence, Snooki of Jersey Shore has been punched in the face by a man at least once, Teen Mom’s Amber Portwood was filmed beating on her boyfriend, These shows aren’t even live, recorded TV yet it still airs and these people are now instant celebrities, glorified for negativity. Step it up people turn these shows off and petition to have the inequality in media stopped, if it’s so offensive ban it all.

Kanye just put GaGa in every video, album cover. You do that, then it will air and you’ll be praised. -Vonte

Come on Kanye..


Kanye's banned album cover


Mr. West your really buggin with this one, I respect what you’re trying to say its your vision and you don’t make you records for “Wal-Mart” I will even take it further and say that you don’t make your music with children or pre-teens in mind, that’s fine most music not on the Walt Disney label isn’t anyway, and consumers need to realize that.

But what is wrong with this picture? First Kanye I gonna pull the race card, there is no way they will let and album (especially from you) come out with images of a black man doing what looks to be a white angel at first look, West says the image is a ” phoenix”, as I did later realize the spotted tail.

Lastly you have nudity, alcohol and sex all in one image that you want to use as the cover of an album. Kanye! a 2 Live Crew album back in the day had one banned strip across all of the booty’s on the album cover, to do such on your cover it would just be grayed out.

Put that picture in the fold, and take you calm down brother pills. Your vision will still be out there and as the pills take effect you will actually see that you really did try to put breast, sex, and alcohol uncensored on an album cover. Now Ye does not that Nirvana had a naked human being on a cover so I’m assuming he’s referring to the naked baby, and while babies naked on tv especially commercials is accepted (not by me) you went too far. -Vonte