I Don’t Want To Talk About The Riots’ 


I don’t want to further glorify the ignorance as the media has, at what point does reporting the news and extended coverage of no new information become glorifying ignorance. I will speak of the protests the people directly affected, the people whom really care about the cause, and I found myself saying I’m sorry to white America but in every culture there are those who want nothing positive, all they care about is themselves and right now. This comes from our decaying schools all over this country, our lack of parenting, weather it be because they are scared that if they whoop they’re children that someone will tell and have those children taken away. Or they just don’t care because they do as much dirt as there child. 

These elections since W. Bush have been run more on fear and religion, fear of religion and other things that only matter to those who need not be represented in government. Our city schools are struggling and we’re fighting over universal health care and inconveniencing insurance companies and doctors, our teachers are stressed, our children out of control they “do it for the gram” (Instagram and Worldstar) yet we argue over who can Marry. We have never been further away from the issues yet no one answers the call for help. Black men, men of all color (non Caucasian) do fear the police it’s just more of us are dying. Yet they can capture and secure the marathon bomber and movie theater shooter I’d even go as far to say that those non blacks who have committed mass muder, chaos and terror, have only died by taking there own life, sounds harsh but think about it. Then think of Micheal Brown, Trayvon Martin, ( by fake cop but got off) Eric Garner, and Freddy Gray. 

So what is there to report? Keep me up on the city leaders and what they say, tell me there is unrest and tell me in detail about the peaceful protests, were guessing numbers on the other stuff at least by the day so what good is it to show that car that has been burning since 4pm and those fights at 430 over and over with no info? Come back to it sum the shit up at the end. Stop spreading fear.

I won’t talk about the riots it’s not news just like I’m sorry Bruce Jenner isn’t news it’s his business that he wants to put in media from a family of media whores.  All we’re doing is paying him more you want me to care about him tell me he’s counseling someone else going thru what he is, then I will stand up for him, otherwise more power to him he’s a story not a headline, he’s not the first ever may not be the last, tell me he is donating 100% of the fiascos proceeds to help others that’s a headline.

I will not pray for Baltimore I will for the family of Freddy Gray those who want riots are beyond prayer and need dispcipline, need better schools,need healthcare, need a real minimum wage yet still have no excuse for ignorance. Let’s get over ourselves (America) and deal with real priorities we are failing our children they are falling our education, and we are failing as parents. -Vonte