Katy perry

This issues Kryptonite…

Katy Perry I’m not into pop music so I won’t pretend I know anything about Katy’s background or much about her music, the Kryptonite award are given to those who are not only strikingly beautiful, but are making waves in the fashion world. I can’t look at pictures of this women and not get lost in her eyes. In a world of “Barbie” it seems she just wants to have fun and be a girl, sugar and spice and everything nice.

I first stumbled onto Katy with the single ” California Gurls”  which I would also add I can watch that music video anytime and not even have to mute it, then she followed with “Teenage Dream”. Katy your sound is pretty good and your sense of style is pretty fly from video shoot to red carpet, keep on doing what you doing. -Vonte (headed to YouTube for the video.)