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God Forgives, I Don’t.

  *(before I get started, I apologize in advance for grammatical errors I have  dyslexia I catch what I can)

I may lose some friends with this one. This post is not about Dylan Roof per se, I wrote this because I am disappointed in religious beliefs of some of the affected families, as I watched the news coverage some of the families have come out to say they “forgive” Dylan, and I don’t feel you should. This man took someone from your life by his direct actions, he does not deserve your compassion, how dare we lighten his bourdon? Let him seek sympathy from our courts, you haven’t even had to chance to lay your families to rest yet you feel being a good Christian means you forgive this murderer. I am Catholic (and I only say that to say I’m not an atheist not that the religion I was baptized for is any better) My beef is with religion when it is used as an excuse to do wrong or in the case I speak to now could be used for lenience.

Let us all look at situations just as human beings and in the basis of the law. A man took the lives of nine innocent people, why should you forgive him? Those that support what ever part of this, have found it in themselves to donate to his cause if you will and have raised his bail plus. Who helps the nine families in the years that follow? How much was donated to bury the victims? And let me speak once on the joke on the internet, that Caucasians aren’t claiming him, I wont even entertain that notion and really don’t understand how so many did it deserves no response at all it was created to be retweeted (smh).

Another white male mass murderer is captured unharmed, it saddens me when I think of the police and private citizens that took the lives of young and old unarmed black men and yet black lives matter is still a joke to some, no one wants to have the talk about race and as it relates to religion, should not Dylan be double damned? I’m pretty sure I’m not going out on a ledge here to say his mother believed in some denomination of Christianity after all she is from the south (sorry). He sat in a church for some time before he carried out his acts it’s been said patrons were so nice to the outsider that he almost did not go through with it. Almost doesn’t count.

Religion scares me all of it, because its technically something we follow that can’t really be proven values based on rules interpreted by one person during a time when people fled Europe for religious beliefs, do we need religion… Yes just shouldn’t be involved in so many decisions if any at all. Have we all just lost our minds or is common sense as lost as they say chivalry is? -Vonte

I Feel Like I Need To Say Something…And It May Not Be What You Think 

I’m going to start this off with what bothers me about this title but it’s not necessarily the word ‘bitch’ because as a black man I can’t deny friends of mine and I, do use the word  “nigga” as a term of endearment. We could go back and forth about what’s right and wrong with those two words but there not going anywhere no matter how hard we may want them to. If you read my blog, or know me in person you know you know I love the strippers a woman’s body is the most beautiful thing so this isn’t diss to Amber (because she started as one) or anyone else in that field.  So here goes. First a thought “how to be a bad bitch”(as it applies to the term of endearment) well the truth is the real ones just are, nobody says it to them its said in someone’s head, as there proud of her like “yo my bitch is bad” or in the bedroom as bedroom talk, maybe out loud by her good female friend. But you don’t label yourself.

There is something just so wrong about putting those words together as an adjective (bad bitch) is just as bad as (real nigga) you think about that for a second.  Term of endearment? Brag? It’s funny to me, I’m dyslexic so I think about words and what they mean when spoken or written, funny to me because maybe many others should too.

If I ever have any children whatever path they choose in life that is not crime I’m there for real support but don’t want them referring to themselves as “bad bitches” or “real niggas” choose one word, these words should never be combined its demeaning in fact depending on how you view the meanings, your either selling yourself short or have nothing left to achieve.

Lastly and I am infatuated with Amber Rose, but it wasn’t to long ago I wrote an Amber piece,  so if being a Bad Bitch is synonymous with divorce and being alone, being passed on by one who never mentioned he wanted to marry her or anyone until he found that one (who may be worse or just as bad depending on opinions,Kanye). Why would you want to become that? I wouldn’t want that for my kids. Get your life together want to be better and shoot for that. -Vonte

New Resolutions Plus The 2014 Wrap Up


So here we are at that time when so many makes decisions resolutions on what they will do this year. So here is what I’ve decided my resolution this year is just to do better, only for myself and not that I have done anything to let myself down. This year has been slightly rough but through it all I’ve kept my head up I just want to do more and continue every following year to repeat that and in turn so better.

Enough about me I want to sum up this year as it relates topics I’ve ranted about, so here goes: Jeremy Scott needs to stop he’s ridiculous it stopped being cute after the first teddy bear/flinstone/pair of wings, just stop yo. Robin Thicke lost Paula Patton and I asked you to tell me how exactly he was the bad guy Paula’s fine has has to kiss on a lot of leading men in movies some sex scenes and all. What would that do to your marriage? How emasculating is that? How many of you could be with someone who has a career like that? So still talking celebs sorry to tell you JLo is not the original booty, I will not be mad at Macklemore or Iggy Azaela for stealing Hip Hop it’s still better than listening to Young Thug, and French Montana in fact be mad at media let’s walk outside radio stations until they bring back real music and stop making my Nieces want to twerk something (no offense to the strippers out there I love yall. And this doesn’t actually apply to my nieces they are all going to be great women but you get my point) Ray Rice.. Well he went there in the worst way the NFL excused it at first but why should I? He knocked his girl out like she was a man then Married her months later, that’s not excusable as man. And as a woman I am so disappointed she didn’t leave, (Momma was like, “Baby now, I hate to see your tears/But I been with your daddy for bout 35 years/And in my day, I had to turn a blind eye to cheatin/But I ain’t never had to wear no black eyes from beatings. -Little Brother breaking my heart) in a world where we are beginning to have no chill button at least find self worth.

Dan Snider refuses to change the team name and while this fight in what it is related to doesn’t directly affect me if a small group of people are offended by the name then it should change its been done before in this same damn city the Bullets’ are now the Wizards and while we’re talking racism and all around respect for women how about that Donald Sterling?

We had these ridiculous challenges and I say that speaking on the pass out and all the others that could kill our children that are passed around social media you know what can save your children whoppings’ parenting in general and I’m not telling you to go the point of abuse but control you kids, and stop sharing that shit your making it worse. Lastly on the topic of challenges and social media over 4 million was raised for ACLS.. You people did understand that if you donated you didn’t have to do the ice bucket. And wow so where is the effort to raise money to get drugs off the street real drugs not weed (sorry)? Find a cure for Aids? Or get the youth off the streets to name a few topics. We found a cure for Ebola.. after it hit the U.S. and it was so over covered (or at least found a way too), so, we did that America.

And last as we ended the year, black men had there worst year ever as it comes do our lives matter by some methods they have apprehended the Boston bomber and what over half a dozen other non-blacks who have committed heinous crimes and mass murder that did not end their own lives, yet unarmed black males of all ages can be assassinated buy local police and not face charges (that cop in the Michael Brown cases described a bear attack). Black people we’re moving backwards and I’m sorry to say it. Our kids are out of control, our music is mindless, and all that is cool is being “ratchet”. That’s not to say that others here in this country don’t have issues, it’s everything to say that we have to do better, and then expect better. Travis Smiley sit your Uncle Tom ass down, and black folks remember the president isn’t your Mayor, Governor, or your senator, he wasn’t elected the new Al Sharpton or Jessie Jackson he can’t just go off on idiocy in America what’s he’s done so far is more than he has even had to on those topics. Hell the president can barely make decisions on his on and yet gas prices are lower than they have been in some time universal health care is available for all, a war has ended a manhunt over and all with major blatant disrespect from other elected officials. (I may rip politics a new one another day) feel how you want about how I feel just do better people. It is tough all over the world but we have the best free land out there let’s get over ourselves together and fcuking do better. (Btw my name is Levonte and I am dyslexic but very talented I deserve to be famous) -Vonte