Michael Jordan

Q Of WorldStar Spoke Up.. Here’s Why Im Not Impressed (big surprise huh)


So I’m listening to SiriusXm the “All Out Show”. and Q of World Star hiphop is on. Listen I’m not going to even pretend I was going to be moved by something The Haitian American high School dropout had to say, surprisingly he wasn’t totally ignorant, but does defend the content on his site by saying “I give the people what the want to see” he pointed out that he does post positive stuff but it doesn’t get as many hits as the other content, he points out the artist who now feed there families off of WorldStar fame, and that he is just keeping it real, it may not be your like so “Just don’t Click on it”.

Q doesn’t make the videos, I don’t blame him for that as he says some of the stuff he brings light to is then mentioned in other media because it’s passed around so much it goes viral, So the only other thing I want to hear from him is “I do this for the money” hits are what keeps a website in business he has disclaimers and blah, blah but tell me whom does it help to post a fight video? what does it do but promote bullying? SharKeisha was a household name, haven’t heard of her ask a teenager, she snuffed a girl while her face was turned and it was posted on WS went viral. I’d go as for to say that now people fight to be seen on WS its shouted out at every negative happening. Sure it’s not all fights there are the teens walking thru the stores stealing, trashing, and acting a fool and trap house gang bangs videos, So seriously why allow this content? At what point does “keeping It real” become promotion for the ignorant?

So I’m going to keep it real to many of us make money exploiting each other Q ‘isn’t the first, and I will argue with you that Michael Jordan is possibly the most famous, but that doesn’t. Stop WSHH, nor does it make the Jordan brand less expensive or diminish its resale value. They asked him through his site why doesn’t he say we need to boycott or standup for anything his site and the many viewers give him that platform to which he said he pointed out his charity work he does off camera unknown to the public, and again how that stuff isn’t received as well. I don’t look to any public figure as my savior I’m Just another man trying to be rich, live the dream and hell I have a few talents but there has to be A line. A point where you grow the fuck up. The first thing folks from the hood do when they get rich, is move out of the hood so whom are you staying real for? Being true to? Step up be A man and say I do it for the profit and I will leave you alone put you with the other rich bastards I can’t stop. Hey rich bastards support me I will be your good deed. Vonte

As Collections go Jordan’s are Overrated. Sorry Sneakerheads


Yes I’m going at the brand again.. But follow me for a little bit. Last week I went to Sneaker Con DC. If your not familiar it’s a show to buy sell and trade your wares be among vendors, customizers, and the like. It was a great show much to see and awe, and yet there were Jordan’s at nearly every table (if not all) every where you look. Patrons at the event not even old enough to have watched him play can still and do have “retro” J’s. Jordan retired in 1994 which will bring you from the 1’s up to the jordan IX’s while he was still in the game (first retirement) and what 29 total styles for that part of the brand at least one a year so.. what’s so “retro” about his shoes? Look up any “jordan retro” the good ones so 1 thru 12 then look at all the different colorways.. You got punked they never stopped the line long enough to have a quality retro product, its not even worth the resale. I could just wait till the next whichever comes out in that new color way that only thousands of people will have a pair of (sarcastically). Here are two quick sneaker terms, OG originals before a retro is released, or DS deadstock brand new never worn or tried on. The term OG for J’s went out the window years ago so unless you selling DS.. Jordan’s are overrated.

Consider a pair of sneakers I sold a few years ago the Nike Coraline Dunks, (regret it too) they came out with the animated movie “Coraline” very limited pairs were made and even fewer in special edition boxes will never be made again there will be no new colorways no restock that’s a true collectors item. Ever collect pro sport cards? Comic books? Or Barbie’s (for the lady readers)? How many times did they remake Michael Jordan rookie cards? Or number one Superman? What about 1000 more barbie by stefano canturi? Whats that make your collection? -Vonte