michael strahan

And The Tiger Award Goes Too..

Michael Strahan


So your being inducted to the hall of fame and on your special day your fiancĂ© calls off the engagement. Brother you fcuked up, how angry does your woman have to be to announce a breakup of a very public relationship on what would be a very important day for you. Formally engaged to Nicole Murphy. (Can I pause and say two things I know for sure in my heart? Eddie Murphy has fantastic taste in women Tracy Edmonds, Mel B, and Nicole Murphy, to name a few. But he sure can’t seem to keep them). Nicole at 46 has to go down in at least one version of the dictionary listed as the definition of fine, and there are just some forms of beauty you don’t cheat on, y’all having issues start talking about swinging see if she’s into that, ask for a hall pass, but don’t cheat. Mr. Strahan this Tigers’ for you. -Vonte

P.S. look at Nicole sheesh. FYI I don’t need to win any arguments babe