When keeping it real goes wrong

52-year-old postal carrier from Milwaukee  (not pictured) was arrested for delivering mail in the nude.  David Goodman, postman Dave says he was trying to cheer up a “stressed out woman”  by delivering the mail in the buff. Dave claims he and the 21-yr-old female customer had previously had a conversation about her gloom and possibly the stunt in question.  So in effort of a good laugh for stress relief he decided to surprise the young lady.

Well the surprise seems to have worked, so well in fact that she called the police and postman Dave was arrested and cited for lewd and lascivious behavior. The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel reports that the woman opened the door for postman Dave who entered the office naked, and also notes that the woman “turned away from Goodman, held out her hand and said, ‘Give me the mail and get out of here.'” Realizing he had upset her, he began apologizing, and says he immediately felt “bad and stupid”.

A few words to Mr. Goodman, so you see in that movie the Postman always *** twice those were actors, not necessarily good ones but actors, porn stars in fact. And those type of behavior isn’t accepted in reality (with the exception of foreplay in private). So unless you planned on making that day you last day on the job and wanted to go out with a bang, in lieu of retirement.  Smooth move ex-lax. -Vonte


The Naked look- What’s Hot

Of Course we like clothes so we are referring to the skin on skin trend all over the runways and celebrities.  Wearing nude from head to toe.   This is great as it will make you look taller and leaner.  Make sure your skin and hair are right; this definitely brings attention to the face.

Lighter complexions try nudes and beiges.  Medium to dark complexions shades of brown.

Fashion Trend Alert: Go NUDE!