Eye makeup experiments-Not

Okay so I was at the corner store on my lunch break grabbing something to drink, happen to look over into the aisle and there is this nice silhouette, a slim chic about 5’6 with a really round booty, hair looking fly. As I’m looking her over she turns towards me and WTF! No lie, eye makeup done-up like a pharaoh from Egypt, out from the center of the eyes back about an inch to the side of her head. I want to meet the friend of her’s  that told her “yeah girl that looks good”.  It wasn’t halloween, and She wasn’t in a fashion show, ( I asked about the fashion show, she probably thought it was a compliment). I turned myself back around and went on about my business.  On the same not ladies can I say please don’t cut off your eye brows and then draw the back on WTF! if your eye brows are bushy just get them done, if you know me ask I might just pay for it. Seriously you only end up looking confused and sad, and I don’t mean that sarcastically.  -Vonte