police brutality

American Gangster

(before we start please excuse what grammatical errors I may have missed I suffer from dyslexia)

Look at the story in American Gangster the story of Frank Lucas a black man in Harlem that changed the drug game (now drugs are bad) but before he became the crime figure he is, his boss got his product from Italian mafia. What always baffles me about that story is the lead detective who lead the fight against Frank and his deadly product had a friend,  his sons godfather who was a high part of an organized crime family, so I  wonder was it that people were dying or that man of color was at the helm and making the most money that was the problem? We live in a country that idolized what it called organized crime we didn’t start it weren’t even considered whole as a people when it was. Giving crime the orginized title allowed it to go almost unborhered it started a history of cops ignoring, scared of, and participating in criminal activities it started the blue wall. I honestly feel one of the issues in the African American high crime communities isn’t fear of criminals it’s power over,  it is fear of being disrespected by the people in the community criminal and non. You can read about my feelings on guns legal and illegal all over my blog, but police officers shouldn’t be underpaid and should have to go thru constant anger management and mental evaluation processes. Like bi-weekly anger management and at least quarterly mental evaluation. You can’t take a bad attitude for things not related to work mix it with a power of authority, give them guns and expect that things will turn out ok just like you can’t expect that a community oppressed by drugs coming from somewhere, illegal guns coming from somewhere won’t have a problem with police and it’s own citizens.  

In some places let us be honest it is a gang (the blue wall) to police the gangs which just more proves that as human beings we are many easily frayed off our paths of being humane to each other not even sure of a decade in time we were at all. So you can’t pretend we have the only troubled communities Just as we can’t pretend there isn’t a problem neither explains what the innocent people caught in the middle born impoverished so they don’t have enough to move out need protection. While we are not pretending let us address that the white criminals make up more of the meth business have committed more mass murders are more likely your child’s schools’ drug suppliers Timothy McVeigh a bomber yet no one seems as afraid of your bad teens/adults your even portrayed in better light as having mental issues or troubled and as it relates to the KKK not even considered a terrorist group.. They don’t even like all white people.  Fix the demonization of African Americans fix the schools systems get the police help with other issues.-Vonte