I’m Numb to Police on Black Violence


(before we start please excuse what grammatical errors I may have missed I suffer from dyslexia)

As a black man I am ashamed to say that, I heard the news about Alton Sterling this morning just as most of us did, I didn’t really have a reaction hell it wasn’t until later in the day I actually saw the video. I feel ashamed because I shouldnt be numb to it, I should want to talk about it. Part of me not reacting is maybe I’m tired seeing it, aren’t you? Is it not sad?.. Disappointing?

There is no Police lives matter movement and you know why?  Because there doesn’t need to be, there is no all lives matter movement, because you all don’t truly feel that way, if all live matter than solders of the islamic state, theyre lives matter too. I have said this before and I do again with all due respect police do not fight a war not here in America, police clock in and out like you and me there needs to be some type of anger management daily for police everywhere, and as an officer if you’re not in the mood or right frame of mind then please don’t go to work, but you must stop taking it out on us.

Black Lives matter refers to the unarmed men and women dying at the hands of police. Need I remind you they captured Dylan Roof ( S.C. church shooter), they captured James Holmes (C.O. movie theater shooter) mass murderers captured alive but unarmed Eric Garner was killed, Freddie Gray killed, Alton brown clearly pinned on the ground by two officers killed. Fuck you and Ray Lewis and all other idiots that say black lives need to matter to black people, we aren’t the only people with issues, lives also need to matter to the drug dealer at your children’s school that provides your children with social drugs they overdose on, do not need, and clearly do not understand, to the white supremacy hate groups that even hate white people of a certain religion (so you can be white but can not have another religion) Ray Lewis needs to make a video to his collegaes about domestic violence and arent you alleged to have stabbed some one? This movement is for unarmed black people in police custody dying (not actively shooting or returning fire from police). As of today there are questions about wether or not Alton had a gun, that is fine it will come out either way but in the video it sure wasn’t pointed at anyone it sure wasn’t in his hand in the video he is on the ground two police on top of him when he is shot looks like the second cop was startled unaware and had to move out of the way, that is an execution there is no return of fire or control of the situation on Alton’s side as it seems at the time he was shot. The officer described Michael Brown (Ferguson MO. unarmed  victim as a “gorilla” I believe I heard, I also heard as a child holding onto Hulk Hogan) this is a police officer 6’4 210 lbs and in his vehicle vs an 18yr old man 6’4 292 and most importantly unarmed.

Listen I’m not asking you to care, I almost had no reaction but if you don’t agree there is a problem then I am telling you to shut the fuck up, stay in your world that is fine, just don’t post for help when something happens to someone in your family, I don’t want to hear about your issues so call whom you need to notifiy directly because that like these past situatuions have nothing directly to do with me the differnce though is I see the problem.

lastly let me say… I had no reaction because I am sick of it, I didn’t want to talk about it because it should not occur so often, hell so often in just a year. I was numb to it because I am scared and not noticing it means I can pretend it doesn’t happen. Unfortunately I am constantly reminded that for my skin tone that just isn’t true. So please if for some reason you don’t see it, or just don’t get it, ask someone who does before you speak and if you don’t care at all then stay the fuck out of the discussion. There damn sure deserves to be a movement, and if these men and women dying in police custody weren’t black, if they were your brother, sister, father etc. Turn on Cops, TMZ, or go to YouTube and see people of all colors resisting arrest, some even armed so why are we dying. -Vonte


This Is All They Will Remember


I don’t plan to talk about the case or investigation there of in this post with the exception of this one thing “it makes me happy and sad at the same time that they haven’t seemed to find anything negative to spin about this young man”. I want to speak in general and sadly enough with a subject like this I can, as people we have to get our youth under control I don’t pretend to know if the initial protest was organized or not but the image above is the one that will be remembered by people on either side of the argument even if not really affected by the situation. I can only assume (as I do not know them) that the family of Michael Brown never wanted looting and riots only answers but it only takes a few to mess it up for the whole, and it hurts that when called upon we as people usually fail. There needs to be a conversation with every knuckle head from someone who knows them with a clear head to say “there is not a time for that, pass it on” responding with looting and violence will guarantee our answers will have to wait, it will give them time and reason to cover up what they will and hell it is just not how you respond. That’s your home and because you felt this was the opportune time (no police presence) you busted into your moms room and ransacked the place for material things. And on the other side.

Police violence… Who are police? We don’t vote for them they’re not elected officials they fill out an application, take a test, and go thru an academy, that should scare everybody. Do you realize how many people with issues get jobs they shouldn’t have make it thru all the steps and don’t show crazy till they have the job? Think of places you’ve worked people that slipped thru. I think cops need to study psychiatry and be evaluated by a psychiatrist often. I think they need to be held to higher non-lethal standards. police should not be allowed to use lethal force unless being physically fired upon not based on what they thought they saw. I can’t be a genius and so can only assume that maybe non-lethal is highly expensive but must cost the citizens way less then the investigations into wrong police wrong doings and the outcomes there of. -Vonte