skinny jeans

Dudes in skinny jeans-Not

WTF! really people

Look I’m all for never wearing baggy clothes again 3x t-shirts and your real size is medium, I couldn’t be happier that phase is over.  That being said (and I don’t care what color you are) if you are a man you should not wear skinny jeans, your mother does not dress you anymore.  I’m going to go out on limb  and say that no female walking around is like, “wow his legs are so skinny and jeans are so tight girl I want him.  Where in there do your nuts and bolts go?  What happens if you have to stick something in your pocket, lastly why?  I can’t stand more than five minutes of picking the wrong draws on washing day, just wear you size and most importantly try on all of your clothes take the time, bring a female companion if at all possible, a second opinion is always good.  -Vonte

My biggest issue with this: If you’re under 25 in the year 2010, you’re not an eighties baby the term isn’t that literal, at best you were five years old, you can’t make the argument that your going 90’s because I see you in tight, skinny jeans. Things got really baggy in the 90’s remember hammer pants?  Just stop it.  -Vonte