Kathy Went Too far.. So Did Snoop

(before we start please excuse what grammatical errors I may have missed I suffer from dyslexia)

Let me say that I said the same thing about both no question, and believe me I’m part of the Trump is not my president movement or whatever it is, I had even found the snoop video to be kind of funny, satirical as it is (not haha funny if you will but funny) him being a clown, also I loved the SNL sketches of Trump 9 out of 10 where hilarious, but here is why I feel Snoop Dog and Kathy went too far.  Images like those, that depict violence against the sitting president whomever it may be makes us look weak around other parts of the world, I can’t say for sure but I’d assume you wouldn’t find images like this of other countries’ leaders openly accepted (in their counties) pretty sure a couple of leaders would have you put to death. Art wise, freedom of speech wise, even personally, why they felt they wanted to do this I applaud, I know where they stand and I like it.

Here is my problem I’ve seen this story so far on two different media outlets and automatically it’s stated”if this were done to/for Barack Obama how would you feel”? (honestly I expected it) Let’s put this comparison to rest, less the actual beheaded image (that I know of) this has been done to Barack to the then First Lady Michelle and their children, in particular one I will never forget Michelle was compared to an ape. I’ve seen with my own eyes ignorant bumper stickers on truck of people whom I assume have been, are, or have family in the military disrespect Obama while he was in office (it will have the branch of military I’ll tell you ive seen more USMC and then the offensive Obama quote and NRA). He was your Commander In Chief  I just can’t wrap my head around how that works opinions and freedoms as they are maybe it’s something you need to just say around your people you believe feel the same way but shouldnt advertise being he was your Bosses Boss. You want to condemn all depctions of violence against a sitting president, I have no problem with that, but you have no right to compare, I no longer want to hear “if it had been done to Obama”, it has, more frequently and less humanly. The Obama’s were openly compared to animals spoken of as less than human beings and this wasn’t exclusive to private citizens, I’m talking government officials. So forgive me if I am less sensitive that an arrogant New Yorker gets his feelings hurt when it wasn’t to long ago I was reminded how many in this country feel about people of color no matter how much power they have.

Condemn it all but never again Compare.-Vonte