Adidas Star Wars collection-Hot

The sneaker collaboration battle, continues to heat up, and you gotta love it, these companies are finding new ways to bring fresh new ideas to the consumer.  Adidas has done so this year with Star Wars, and I haven’t seen any collaboration fused so well so far, six must have classic Adidas recreated for both Star Wars Fans and Sneaker addicts a-like served up in a really cool, collective action figure-like packaging. And that’s not to belittle the apparel. Adidas is onto something here grab a pair or two if your lucky enough to get your hands on some, I have a feeling they’ll sell out quick.

Characters Pack
This pack takes the most iconic moments and characters from the Star Wars saga and brings them to life across five sneakers, two short sleeve T-shirts and the Superstar Track Top.

Vehicles Pack
For this pack, we have taken inspiration from the well-known vehicles and crafts from the Star Wars saga and translated them to our five most iconic Adidas Originals sneakers and two key Adidas Originals apparel models. Across these models we have paid homage to the distinguished features of airborne crafts and land based vehicles from both sides of the Force and executed them to appeal to both Adidas and Star Wars fans alike.

Direct Pack
Darth Vader and the Stormtroopers appear in this pack as well as in the Characters pack. Also, the Women’s Game Mid silhouette that appears here is inspired by Princess Leia, featuring gold detailing paired with a modern high-top silhouette with matching apparel. via -Vonte