trevon martin

I Want You To Understand


I was raised correctly and it’s not an excuse it’s just a difference. Let me first say this post isn’t about any particular situation only brought up by conversations I have had with friends. As black people no as people all of us need to do a few things when raising children, the first being put the fear of god in them (whomever that may be for you, and if you do not believe then let them know their are consequences for actions) this generations runs around with the fear of nothing which brings me to my 2nd point instill in them respect for elders it is not funny your five year old cussing out an adult, I don’t care how upset I may have been I’ve never disrespected an elder (to their face) without fear of what I would have to face at home. (If I had a problem I brought it to my parent or older family member). Lastly the knowledge and respect for self and this is one of the hardest things to teach, sometimes no matter how hard you try this may have to be learned by them on there own, but once achieved becomes a powerful tool that won’t allow you to be involved in to many situations that would diminish your personal character if brought to light.

None of these guarantee I won’t be the next black no ethnic male victim to unnecessary police violence, none of these things make me feel safer in a city, or rural town (translation: anywhere) when police become involved. The only thing it does is lessen the amount of situations when police would even be involved in what I do. I’ve already said in so many word unless it is something I need from them “Fcuk the police” I don’t feel they are qualified to diffuse half of the stuff they are called too, cops show up and interview for the job just like every one of us at one time has, I’ve already said “I don’t do not understand why police aren’t held to stronger non-violent tactics” and I’ll even go as far to say we need to afford police and military more paid time off for mandatory stress relief in the form of time with family and bonding, mentoring activities with people in the community.

So no excuse, just a difference, (again not related to any current situation) because for once I want the parent(s)or guardian(s) of troubled children when interviewed to say “yes my child has gone down the wrong path, yes we both may need help”. With all of America keeping it “100” and nobody afraid of anything I just don’t understand why it’s not always real there are bad people of every nationality in every nation, a few years ago the slogan in the hood was “stop snitching” and in the age of WorldStar, YouTube, and the like where doing nothing but. some of you are posting incriminating videos on your own accounts, snitching on yourselves.

I want people to stop believing ish like what is going on in Fergerson MS, doesn’t happen. I want to know why a man with a knife or not armed at all is shot? Gun to a knife, or fist fight has always been unfair. Police have access to tasers and batons how is it okay not to use them in those situations? I want police and government officials, hell people with money (or backed by the NRA) not to be awarded with the liberty of being above the law when the circumstances make no common sense. George Zimmerman stalked a young man, attempted to subdue him with no proper cause and when he couldn’t gain control the grown man twice his size shot Treyvon Martin and got off. If you put that same story man vs woman the assault could have been considered a rape or attempt of (think of it like that if you weren’t sympathetic to the Martin family) and George isn’t even a cop.

The world we live is plagued by the greed of human nature, teach your own to think wisely and for themselves, teach them to love, to care for yet never be stepped on. Teach them early. -Vonte