Really Mo’Nique?

God does that

Check out the Clip below, Waka Flocka Flame on the Mo’Nique show, don’t want to hear the song skip to 3:49. WTF! Mo’Nique really? I will start by saying I have yet to watch the show, lets face it, it’s on BET I couldn’t even tell you what channel that is anymore, and I’m going to be honest and say I never found Mo’Nique funny I think that first BET show where she was playing herself chasing this dude who did not want her turned me off, but don’t call me a hater get your money.  With that said Waka Flocka Flame is a guest for 106 & Park first off, now I want to give the brother some credit he stepped his game up with his clothing for the show his momma must respect Mo’Nique, sweater and jeans without seeing his draws show from his pants, I’m impressed. But you telling me she’s bouncing with it, dude is rapping bout drug re-up, Mo’nique asked him what his music is, this brother said he’s “trying to figure out what Flocka music is”  he says its God playing this not him (don’t believe me check it out). Now at that point you don’t deny the brother his God, but you going on to say I know that’s right, really? (should have just been silence in the room),  from the three interviews I’ve seen on her show it just seems like this show is about church talk, for people to say what God did for them, hey so be it I have no problem with that, but I felt like and old person watching the Source Awards, saying your thanking who, talking bitch this and drug that?  Mo’Nique find you show break out from BET and their wack-ness, talk about something with somebody interesting. -Vonte

What-the Flocka, Why? 8 teens shot at concert in Indiana

Apparently Yesterday, At a skating rink in Gary Indiana, 8 teens were shot outside of a Waka Flocka Flame concert.  Reportedly the Rapper Pitted the East side of the city against the West side and according to police “chaos broke out” fighting ensued and patrons were asked to leave. Shots were fired outside the club where 8 teens were shot, evidently this venue was for a crowd under 21 years of age.

Not to make light of a serious situation, but I’m sorry that’s not music Hip Hop, Rap has lost its mind in the last few years, with rash of independant companies popping up, putting a beat to a repetitious song and these so-called rappers are set free, where’s the talent?  Where is the flow?  And it’s not only a down south thing, new Camron has lost his mind too, Dj Webstar (chicken noodle soup fame) I sound like my father or mother I just don’t understand.  (SMH)