wilson not indicted

I’m Not Going To Say Much

I cannot say much about lasts nights decision not to indict officer Darren Wilson, I didn’t really expect much and I apologize but you were fooling yourself if you did. I was told and have often heard repeated that if you don’t have anything good to say don’t say anything at all and I believed that also applies to the truth, as I listened to the report to hear that there were 65 different versions of what happened I wonder if that applied to anyone there?

Sounds harsh right? To say you were fooling yourself if you expected much but this situation didn’t even have a proper chance for fairness on either side before people not involved started to protest and in effect riot. I didn’t expect much because the officer was white and Michael Brown black. And lastly because it was officer versus black teen. However you wanted to view this to expect justice for the parents of Micheal Brown was only hopeful as best.

It brings me great sadness to know we give so much power to our police and elected officials yet we can’t get over these original views of a few who felt as well as those who still feel that ethnicity is still not equal to equality. I didn’t know Micheal Brown, nor did I know Trayvon Martin what I do know believe is many of our laws need to be updated for the times but after we at least admit that by race or even by sex we are not always treated equal.

I must say in school it made so much sense that we separate church from state yet so many politicians run on behalf of religion and it’s always the version they believe. It made so much sense to me when I was a child that police were there to protect and serve and then I heard of stop and frisk and before that realized how each of us half to become our own lawyers when pulled over for unknown reasons and after all the hassle but before you are let go to finally to hear you were pulled over because you didn’t signal, or swerved some imaginary line. I wish more people in power cared about things that mattered to those less fortunate than me because while I am not well off by far I will survive because I don’t expect much of anything…. I want to go on about this topic but I promised I wouldn’t say much so As I reach out to those who care to read this I don’t want you to to riot now, just give the Brown family some much needed privacy. Go home. -Vonte