The world says goodbye to an Innovator

Steve Jobs Apple’s co-founder and former CEO passes away today at 56. No specfic cause was listed but its no news that he has been sick. I chose this picture because the slogan was something Jobs believed in, and then says everything about how he and his company has changed the industry.

That’s all R.I.P. Steve Jobs.-Vonte

iPhone 4S Available Oct.14th

And the S is for speed, but you’ve probably guessed that already, so here’s the rundown according to Endadget’s live blog. The 4S will be both GSM and CDMA technologies in on handset (should make it capable of going LTE or 4G), on the outside to the eyes not much has changed but its all brand new under the glass, apples A5 chip, and a dual core processor 2x as fast the CPU to the iPhone 4 dual core graphics, so 7x faster graphics processing, an eight megapixel camera with and updated lens and intelligent features like face capture.

1080p video with video stabilization, updated notifications with iOS 5 which will also be pushed as to the 4 and 3GS iPhones, so they have cleaned up the obtrusive blue label to and android like pull-down from the top of the screen. an advanced voice activated feature called Siri, you can ask it about today’s forecast. pre-orders start Oct. 7th no news so far of the phantom iPhone 5. I’m still excited for the new iOS, and what really “grinds my Gears” (Family Guy reference) is like the previous “S” model you get the speeds but your phone will look the same “4S” or not, who can do something like that? only the people at Cupertino. That said some real cool updates and a new entry to the current a lower priced 8GB iPhone 4, to go with the 16 and 32GB models. So there it is, still a buy for all the cool features if you have been waiting and for you iPhone 4 owners if you’ve been waiting to get more from your device the the 4S is a good upgrade.-Vonte

Kanye is back at it

If you haven’t already heard Nike and Kanye West will do the dance once more. In short feature film for The Black Mamba (Kobe Bryant’s alter ego) Yeezy is rocking what will be his second venture with Nike the Air Yeezy 2 (worn on his feet). Kanye rocked the block off of sneaker culture with his first endeavor, they went on sale on a Saturday and where no longer available before the start of the week.

They join the ranks of Nike’s “Pigeon” and “what the dunk” as the most rare and most wanted kicks in sneaker culture. No word on release dates nor more detailed pictures so keep your eyes open if your interested and start saving Now. -Vonte


And the Tiger goes too..

Normally the Tiger Woods award goes to someone who commits infidelity in marriage or a serious relationship, but special situations and consideration has been given to this issues winner Charlie Sheen (for he and his wife are separated, and while there have been no reports of sex with these women, these aren’t drunken house parties with the Two And A Half Men cast or other members of the Screen Actors Guild-SAG). You sir have a problem.

You could have never told me being addicted to porn is a problem before I heard about Kirk Franklin and his addiction, and yet you have taken what I’ve heard of Mr. Franklin’s issue with pornography and out-done him ten fold. If I am to believe the stories of any of these ladies you have partied with, you have an open house that you want to move porn stars in and start a porn family, That kind sir is where it would seem that you do have a problem, at the least just too much money that you would like to give away. Charlie take it from the rappers and just go to a strip club and let it rain, or better yet give it to a struggling artist/writer like myself, if for no other reason than the fact that I wont tell any stories of what I may have seen you do. -Vonte

Duck Boots, by Nike?../Hot

You know eventually your going to run out of reasons to tell my I can’t wear sneakers. NIke is releasing an Air Force 1 duck boot featuring premium leather uppers with waterproof toebox areas styled after the thermoplastic boot toes. A wool collar and thermal inner liner are sure to keep the foot warm while a rugged weather-ready outsole will help you navigate through the harshest conditions. Looking to hit stores in the states some time soon. Keep your eyes open for them. -Vonte