cosby show

I Have to Partly Apologize To Raven

You know what? I really need to retract some of the anger I had about what Raven Symone said, she is part right and I say this because we are In an age where our babies have had babies the names are out of control. Lets not forget social media all that is important now are likes or hits for popularity or profit, you first have to realize not all you see or hear is real. I do feel Watermelondrea if real is terrible as a name, honestly I am hoping its made up for attention. I will admit I was more concerned that it came from Raven’s mouth then what she really meant. Your first name is Raven if it wasn’t for Cosby show she would be in the same boat with Watermelondrea. This isn’t the first time she has opened her mouth and stupid came out so I jumped on her.

I jumped on her because she was the last person that should speak on anything ghetto a child actor who never had to struggle I still feel she needs to sit her ass down. Yet I agree unless by some reason she was thrown in front of me like a starving artist does his demo, and impressed me, I wouldn’t hire a Watermelondrea. Real name or not she’s not stuck with that name none of us are, as an adult she has the right to change it and im not saying she should be a Keisha or Tammy but there is just some stuff people shouldn’t hold on to and if you don’t realize Watermelondrea is a bad name, your small thinking is part of the problem. We all need to grow up not everything is excusable. -Vonte

Charity Starts At Home

It’s the simple things sometimes. I saw this clip and shed a tear, at first because I remember the episode their grandparents wedding well renewing of vows,  but then it turned into more. (not a full cry. More thought) “Damn was it really all that simple then?” You may not know this about me but, I grew up in a single parent home since eight years old through no sad story my dad was there, just situations, moving, and well miscommunication we didn’t see each other for over twenty-some years, through it all my mom worked two jobs and my siblings were old enough to make their own decisions and live on their own since I left elementary school. Yet still here I am, I made it out alright from inner city life, I had my family when I needed them we all do and when they were on their own things we had the Cosby’s.

Music videos still had video girls (remember The Box pay-per view music videos) Rick James sang about weed, tied a women up, and lets not forget LSD, and crack cocaine were things so where did it all get F’d up? When did belt (or other) whoopings really become abuse? When did it become okay to disrespect an elder or a public place? When did the culture lose its minds and well become stupid?

I looked up to the Cosby Show not because I wanted to be a doctor or even necessarily go to college but because, from everything I know, that is still what family does and is for us. No matter how messed up your family is, when you get together you had those Cosby moments. Yes exaggerated for TV still but still true. We lost that along the way. And a generation passed that had no Cosby show to look upon, now scripted reality TV thing is the thing to beat (yeah it’s still scripted they can’t pull that stuff off in all those locations on the fly clubs and restaurants would get sued real people hurt) pay for play radio stations that play all the same songs continuously and dear I call them artist but rappers like Future, and Chief Keef, get record deals and work. Futures break out hit was “Tony Montana” I would post the lyrics but there’s no point? The few intelligible words were repeated many times and the majority of those were the songs’ title. We’re more concerned with sex tapes, WorldStar fights, and animal rights then we are about raising our kids and instilling values, reminding them that there is a time and place for everything and every elder deserves respect. So yeah seeing this clip made me tear up. We as a nation (not a black or white thing) are lost and too far gone to even realize there is a problem, or are just to lazy to solve it. Demand more from your life, your television and dammit your music. Michael Vick served three years for fighting dogs and George Zimmerman walks away from shooting a young man he followed and provoked on property not owned by him ( yes I went there). So demand more, and well more importantly start at home. -Vonte ( FYI I love dogs)