Ky vs. Vonte

Relationship Drama: Do the Pretty girls get away with more?

Picture it, you’re a guy.  You have a date with a girl.  You go pick her up, and she makes you wait an hour, missing your reservations.  At dinner, she never stops talking about herself, and what little conversation you have is not what you would consider intelligent or interesting, and  to top it off she then mentions her birthday is next week and she really likes Chanel.

Would you go out with this girl again if she was an average chic?  How about if she was drop dead gorgeous and had a body like Rosa Acosta?

In movies like Some Kind of Wonderful, Sixteen Candles,  and Mean Girls, people (male and female) subject themselves to endless abuse for the popular pretty people.   Does this apply to real life?  I think so.

My belief is that people will torture others as long as the other party is willing.  That torture is easier with someone who’s easy on the eyes.  Case in point, you never see the hot chic at the office working overtime or on a crappy project unless she wants to.  If a guy is beautiful, he doesn’t have to make as much money to get a certain caliber of girl.

Do you have a friend who is always arguing with their significant other, or seems to be bossed around by them but they keep going back for more?  Chances are, that friend’s partner is beautiful or your friend is ugly.  Yep I said it.  If an ugly person lands a pretty person, they may be subjected to more drama and they take it because well, they could be waking up to another ugly.  Two pretty people are mad because the other won’t concede.

So is it right to boss men around, make crazy demands, argue endlessly, expect crazy expensive gifts and be all around mean.  No, but does it work?, Yes.  So pretty, mean girls do your thing but keep it within reigns, there is karma. -Ky-

Would I be more willing to put up with the drama? In the aforementioned scenario, Yes my colleague is right, people male and female would put up with just  a little more drama bull-mess, but let’s be honest! there is a point, every person has a boiling point, for some people it is easier to reach than it is for others.

As I’ve grown I’ll be honest and say I’ve lost my patients I can’t be as easy-going as before, too many people have taken advantage of my kindness. lets look at Halle Berry to anyone she was married to, Jay Z to Beyoncé, and (if your old enough) Kadeem Hardison to Chante Moore, two of those three have had at least one failed relationship, sounds like boiling point to me.

You see the one major flaw about pretty people is they already think the world revolves around them, so you damn right I’d put up with it because (from a male standpoint) it a great story to tell your friends, walk in a room and command it (like yes she’s with me, and yes I have done it all and will do it again tonight).

So you go ahead and pop off, bring me to my boiling point, I’ll leave that relationship with my trophies (pictures, videos, and stories) pack my stuff and leave wether it fits in a suitcase or a truck, I’m Gone. -Vonte-

Mel Gibson done lost his mind?

Mel Gibson is in the news again. Shooting off his mouth again. Listen people he’s not crazy he’s just preparing for Lethal Weapon 5, you know Riggs is wild, you’ve seen the movies, he loses everything he cares about. The new movie is going to be great. Heck Gibson has been practicing the role for years now, I even hear he’s going to take a stand on Hip-Hop and shoot Soulja Boy in the face. (in the face y’all)

Seriously though is Gibson crazy? I don’t know he was called racist before and Whoopi Goldberg stood up for him (she’s also been accused of only working with whites) I think he’s just excentric and a really bad drunk. Does he need to just shut up yeah, I’d even go as far as to say a representative from each of those he offended should be able to get one good punch in. To me, these audio tapes sound a lil’ suspect. I won’t defend either side of the argument, it just seems real convenient, his wife seems to be able to record audio, hold a baby, get hit, and narrate. -Vonte

Well I thought Mel was cool for taking a stand and telling the true story of Jesus in Passion of the Christ, but it just turns out he doesn’t like Jews, or Black people, or anyone. Is he in the Clan? He may be a bad drunk but its showing he’s also a bigot and maybe (gasp) a republican. He needs to shut up and find Jesus for real. And as far as Leathal Weapon? There is nothing like some old has beens (this includes you Nick Cage) trying to make an action movie. If you need a stunt double for walking fast, it may be time to retire. -Ky

I Ain’t Sayin She’s A Gold Digger…..

Ok so with the popularity of the Real Housewives shows, and the new one Basketball Wives, I have constantly been having conversations with people whether these women are gold diggers or just trying to make it and find love.  Then I read this article in Essence magazine that actually listed a website where you can sign up to get a sponsor.  So let’s talk about it.

Everyone has a type right?  For instance, I like really tall, basketball types, with bald heads, or rocker boys (they still have to be tall).  I have a friend who will not date any guy who doesn’t have style because she is a designer and has a rep to keep up in LA.  Maybe being rich is just part of the type these women like.  Also, what is wrong with wanting someone to take care of you and spoil you?

I know I know, you are thinking they are targeting men because of their money, but the guys are the same way.  For instance, there is a girl on Basketball Wives, who I think is gorgeous.  She is a beautiful brown skinned girl with light eyes, she is smart and educated.  Well she is married to a basketball player who makes evolution look very possible, as he must be descended from a gorilla.  He even speaks gorilla/monkey.  Seriously, when he is on the show, they have sub titles.  Now do you really think he could EVER get a girl like that without telling them up front he is a pro ball player?  I think not.

So no, I don’t think they are gold diggers.  They just know the score.  If you want to live the good life, you better make it happen on your own, or be extremely hot, and go after someone who can give it to you.  Because these guys wont even look at you, unless you are a 10.  So it goes both ways.

Now in the magazine article, there was some disturbing things like the men expected you to have sex with them on command and be readily available whenever they wanted, and I don’t agree with that.  Being a good partner, and keeping up your end of the bargain, which is to basically make them look good should be enough.  Otherwise, you are being paid for and that’s not cool.  And the men cheating thing isn’t cool either, but if he has a rep and you go for him anyway, be smart and get a pre-nup or an arranged settlement up front so you can still live the fab life.  What do you think?  Leave me a comment.  -Ky.

Alright, do I consider them gold diggers? Yes, but there is a difference, and here is why.  Lets start with the baller so (old money) vs the groupie (new or no money) relationship,  so first off the baller has assume that unless they themselves pursued the groupie, that this interaction however long it may be is about the money,  in fact I don’t care how much of an actual fan the groupie is you don’t truly know and love a person till you can meet and talk for some time (amount may vary) so with that said I think the baller should walk around with a contract and have groupies sign it, stating what this is, and what is expected.

as far as cheating goes, well in the same scenario there is no such term (cheating nor partner), let’s be serious if there is a you, there is another you in another city. I’ll say it again unless the old money sought you out. It won’t count, if you showed up a the show, or game got noticed and let old money smash then play hard to get. It can go both ways man and woman but in both cases it’s the same story. And lastly is not one of the Basketball Wives not even a wife what’s up with that? -Vonte

Eric williams

UGG. Those Boots

Ky vs Vonte

Ugg. Those boots.

From what I understand UGG Boots have been around for some time, and in early 2000 they bumped their way into fashion, made of sheepskin and lined with wool, yes I get it they’re comfortable, you can wear them without socks even. I am so tired of seeing them, ladies are wearing them with: sweatpants, jeans, tights, and skirts, to the mall, work, the movies, and to school. It’s like you’re not even trying anymore, UGG Boots have become the cold weather flip-flop, and unless you have a UGG coat  (no such) of the same color and material it’s just being lazy and sure everyone entitled to their lazy days it just seems like laziness is becoming normal. Put the UGG Boots away find something, anything else to put on your feet, and lastly, I don’t care if they are unisex or not, men do not ever (not even if your feet are on fire and the boots are filled with water) ever put them on. (I’ve seen it with my own eyes, not making this up). Vonte.

Ky Says:

Ok shut the front door!  Are we really having this discussion?  In the 1920’s and 30’s a man who was not a loser wore a designer suit and a hat wherever he went and shaved and did their hair.  Now you guys have what’s called the rugged look (aka I only shave and cut my hair when I remember), that consists of constant jeans, sneakers, and t-shirts.

We get dressed up for a date, you wear the same thing.  You might put on a collared shirt but that’s it.  Don’t women have enough to do to please you guys?  Now we have to wear heels everyday?  I know for a fact that my counterpart also disapproves of flip-flops and any other flat shoes.  Well guess what?  Too bad!  Until you guys improve, you are lucky all we are doing is wearing freakin UGGs.  We should be hairy and wearing sloppy clothes, burping and forgetting your birthdays.  Give me a break!

UPDATE: Flat shoes are on my approved list now, within the last few years women’s jeans have changed for the better.  I do still hate flip-flops and now UGG’s are top of the list.  I shot a  short video of people walking by, count the number of UGG boots you see in a two-minute period. (there was a break in the taping and the one time I turned off the camera a group of four wearing UGGs walked by, I don’t make this stuff up)-Vonte

UPDATE 2: Experts debate dangers of wearing popular sheepskin boots.

What do you think about UGG’S?  Leave a comment!

3rd date, Let me see your credit score!

Let’s jump into a relationship past the initial dating phase (going steady if you will) in 2010, your moving in together maybe buying a car. Is this the right time to find out one of you has jacked up credit? Should that even be an issue in a relationship? If your score is under 600 you would most likely not have a credit card nor qualify for one, the problem there lies, say if you wanted to rent a car, the deposit requires a major credit card. Such a thing could put a hinder on a nice couple’s vacation. Heck maybe your just trying to furnish your new apartment a good credit score could mean the difference between getting your needs in one shot and out-of-pocket less, or dropping all your cash down with nothing less for unseen emergencies. Let’s say you go as far to getting married, joint accounts, home buying. These things should matter right? I have American Express sending me offers and you have Nextel calling the house all hours of the night. Now if your credit is bad but you’re working on it then no problem, but at a certain point in a relationship is a current credit score a must?  Vonte.

Well I have to agree with Vonte on this one.  If you don’t have the best money situation, your partner should know if you are living together.  If not, it’s none of their business until you make that step.  I do think if you are working on your credit and buying or renting together, you should be prepared to offer up a little more cash since the person you are with is probably going to have to sign on the dotted line.  Either way, it should not be a surprise to your mate.  That’s just rude.  Ky.

Are you GaGa for this lady?

wtf, really?


Real talk, Lady GaGa is flamboyantly weird and I don’t much care for her. Could you imagine, sitting behind her at and awards show? You would miss,  a lot. At the MTV awards her ensemble came out in wheelchairs, had blood on her clothing, with themes of suicide and hangings, why was she allowed to get away with that? Where are the standards and whom do they apply. You know what I would like? I want the real Stefani Germanotta to sing those songs, that’s right the real person behind the costume to just be normal.

As a gorgeous girl who is also a bit weird, I have to say Lady Gaga is beautifully weird. She is original, fabulous and the fact that my counterpart and the others want to know what I think about her just proves my point. What is the fuss about? I’m glad you asked!
She has taken her own words as a poet and translated them to pop music, a genre that even morons can understand. Poetry to the masses, brilliant! Then when you think you can’t get enough of her lyrics and cool songs, you realize that a lot of her songs have a double meaning (don’t just take my word for it, she even says so on her exclusive interview on Fuse network) so it’s like two songs in one.
She then takes each song and redefines the meaning in her performances and music videos. When you are only talking about ice grills, or illegal drugs, you can’t do that can you?
She actually can sing. You don’t see us writing this article about Jennifer Lopez or Soulja Boy do you?
The outfits are a little out there but at least she is expressing herself in her own way. If you really want a career in the arts, or heck, to be at the top of your game in any field, you are not going to get there by being a follower. Get some Lady GaGa in your life and move forward.
P.S. some people who lady GaGa’d in their life: Prince, Jimi Hendrix, Madonna, Kanye West, Langston Hughes, Joe Louis, and my personal favorite, Vickie Evans, bestselling author, playwright and my mom.  -Ky

Instant Fame and Reality TV stars

Being on a reality show, with the exception of the talent shows, just doesn’t make you a star. It is perfectly alright with me for shows like VH1s’ The Surreal Life where celebrities from the past serve as the cast, that’s interesting stuff. Seeing Corey Feldman and MC Hammer, in sort of what they are now, and how they act outside of work that’s the reality show I think we deserve.
Seriously WTF! where are the real actors, the sitcoms and acted drama’s, the people with skills that win awards. These reality show freaks aren’t actors, not good ones anyway the only memorable parts of these shows are the drunken fights, fights, and male and female promiscuity. I just don’t see why I should care, and I don’t. -Vonte

Well if Americans are willing to elect a complete hillbilly and all around inhumane president to two terms (you know who). Then why is it inconceivable that we are willing to stare at talentless losers on TV? Really I don’t care if you are too fat to go to the gym or put down the doughnut without winning a large sum of cash, I don’t care that you want to be a model or someone in fashion and you shop at wet seal, fake and bake, and can’t really fit those low-rise jeans.
But some americans do care, and that’s the point. If people want to sit around watching this stuff then don’t knock them and don’t knock the talentless people who take advantage of an easy situation. It’s just like dating a gullable person, if they are going to give you what you want without having to give back, most people will take them up on it. -Ky