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Flag Of Our Nation


(before we start please excuse what grammatical errors I may have missed I suffer from dyslexia)

So Colin Kaepernick didn’t stand for the national anthem.. I’m not yet sure how I feel about that. Someone said, and I do partly agree that the flag and the anthem represents what we want this country to be (so as I interpret that is innocent in the ignorance of people). So you are upset he did such a thing and as I see it he is just saying their aren’t many other avenues he can use to show you, he has an opinion, they are under strict rules down to what they wear and how they act on and off-season.  Now I’ve said I don’t yet know how I feel about what he did, I myself do stand when I’m at games and hear the anthem. Yet I was not really upset by hearing the news about Colin in fact as I saw stories and posts from the other side of the argument get outraged I asked myself a couple of questions: people appalled to what kapernick did go automatically to the military it’s disrespectful to those men and women who fought and I will not belittle that. So we stand behind our military? because I remember hearing how shitty this country treated veterans of the Vietnam War. I remember when I heard it I thought it was a really fucked up way to treat those men and women that are just following orders of an administration, they are still solders they fought for our country.  Okay fine maybe we have changed since then… Weren’t there Iraq War protests? Or was it Golf War?

Then there is the issue of the Confederate Flag  clearly not the choice of the nation so why is it still allowed to fly?  Why isn’t that a disrespect? I’ve read you feel its heritage not hatred, fair I guess until I point out to you, you lost that battle, there is on the books, a war south vs north a fight for Civil liberties you lost, isn’t even raising that flag a slap to this nation?  Actual bigots and racist stand behind it more openly than those that stand by the American flag, hate group use that and other things as symbols for their cause. My point is they are not saying there not reporting that Colin burned a flag ( which actually happens.. here.. In this country)

So does it really fucking matter that he didn’t stand up? Is it of an offense than the stuff I just mentioned? Did he say I hate the military? He’s doing it for attention to a cause you may not believe in, but it’s not against any NFL rules shit besides hearing about why he did it it’s an insignificant story to be outraged about until you can answer the questions I asked, or tell me he burned a flag.

I’ve heard the he get paid millions of dollars blah blah blah argument… So do the domestic abusers and sexual assaulters in the professional sport business. Just recently a DJ was fired for playing “smack my bitch up” when Cubs player Aroldis Chapman walked off the mound. I see how wrong that was.. But why is the player still playing?

So while I do stand for the anthem I don’t see the outrage (because rage is in that word) over someone who doesn’t, not the way I see burning a flag. And you do know the flag has been burned for shit like protesting elections to disagreement over a war… By white people mostly and more frequently reported ( and I say that jokingly but very serious). -Vonte

Wait. Don’t Like This Post


I keep seeing this pop up in my social media timeline. But there are a couple of things wrong here, first thing is it’s over Twitters’ 140 characters, that wouldn’t even post.

Second its dated today, the gala was last week, and TMZ broke the video Harveys’ lawyer self would have loved to have that info all he would have to do is say allegedly after they confirmed it was a real Tweet. So while the Memes are kind of funny let’s be more aware of where we get our information the internet is full of fake stuff don’t risk computer viruses because your hungry for information.lastly Solange has no reason to be quiet if what this implies is actually what she feels is true and how did she “tell y’all” if you never heard about it? -Vonte

Nike shoes that look like they should sell for $29.98

People that know me know I am a bit of a sneaker head Nike, Adidas, Puma, Reebok you make the collaboration or idea unique enough and do a good job on the design you have my attention. Now it seems just like anybody has a record deal, everybody has a sneaker (many under the Jordan brand) Here are what I personally feel are the ugliest most overrated sneakers Nike and the Jordan brand have to offer and should seriously be sold for $29.98


Nike Air Foamposite One

created in 1997 and retail for an average of $230 I don’t play ball have no idea if these are good playground shoes but damn their ugly and there composed mostly of foam I mean let’s be serious at some point in the process it’s the stuff they line your shipped goods in and give away for free. You can have your Foam’s people have literally died for these.



Kobes’ (any of them) Black Mamba was better as a collaborative with Nike’s established lines like Air Force 1. I mean seriously look at this shoe tell me whats hot about them? ball shoes go in a bag and come out on the court. KOBE-9-LOW-SIDEVIEW

Nike Kevin Durant’s KD’s

As we get down in the list I just feel Nike’s process is okay he’s popular let’s make these limited throw 80’s wallpaper and grandma’s curtains oh and watch people buy them. plus once you step out of kids sizes what do you really think they look like on your foot? damn in an 11 and bigger your rocking hot dogs on your feet. KDVI_AuntPearl_SIDEVIEW


Any Lebron’s that aren’t the 9’s I love Transformers so if these were Megatron themed while he was really sick I would stand in line for them but sadly these are not inspired by and will not transform or roll out but are ugly as sin.   nike-lbj-what-the-bump-11-7


And lastly the Jordan brand itself

look if it’s not 4,5,6,11,12 hell and anything past Jordan 13 is just a waste of materials I’ll be honest to this day I have only owned three pair of Jordan’s and I always end up selling them most do keep their value but only because so many people think they are the top of the line. kids not even old enough to have seen him play are rocking all versions of J’s they lost my attention when they stopped shipping with the OG key chain. Oh and people have literally died for these too. -Vonte



You Be The Judge

The fuzzy photo above is taken directly from Urban Outfitter website and is the stroke of topic today, as I realize you won’t really be able to see the shirt I have attached a link to the actual site so you can have a look for yourself and decide.

The tee with a header that reads Pure Hip Hop Nutrition Facts has been labelled “another racist shirt from Urban Outfitters”, I used to work for a now debunked company that sold novelty tee’s amongst other items, the tee is meant to be a nutrition label of sorts for hip hop and where you can see that the maker tried to follow a normal label which wouldn’t normally apply to Hip Hop, the shirt tries to take a sort of cool/hip comedic approach (not my opinion just my observation). The reason we’re talking about this is because of the last line in label which states “Protein 0g Get some chicken” and I want to put my foot out there and say I don’t see the problem.

It reads as a statement “protein zero grams” included (sentence pause) if you want protein get some chicken. Here’s why I don’t want to call this racist Hip Hop transcends race it sells all over the world to many different races and creeds it’s not just a black thing. Not to make light of or deny that there is racism and sexism in everything from fashion to politics I just don’t see it here and have in fact seen more ignorant t-shirts worn by people in many places. I want to know what you think.-Vonte

If You Have To Ask, It’s Probably Not For You


Feeling flashy? Into finely designed timepieces? Hublot’s HUB 1100 set in 18k white gold bracelet with 782 baguette diamonds, totalling 45 carats. In total this timepiece houses 1282 baguette diamonds (more than 100 carats in total), and does in fact tell time. Now if you have to ask the price, which is a cool 5 million then this timepiece probably isn’t for you, it’s surrounded by so many diamonds you could reflect sunlight or burn an unsuspecting ant queen.  All I can say to this besides the fact that if I could I would, is if you have one please be able to tell what time of day it is. -vonte


A Note to the Manufacuters.. You have to do better

News headlines read “Riot erupts at Florida Mall during Nike All Star collection sneaker release event” Bothers me every time I see a headline like this, and only because it’s a problem that in this day and age can be easily solved, just sell it online.

I totally understand how e-commerce business and actual store retail are usually two different entities but here is my beef; fights, riots, and murders over sneakers, iPhones, games consoles, or any electronics on Black Friday isn’t new news, where not just hearing about this, you can go back into headlines 20 years and find a story on the topic. the truth is a majority of the people their in line aren’t there to cause or join into any violence, but let someone try to cut in line or the store not have enough for the crowd they let brew outside, and someone is going to lose there cool. To me the sneaker manufacturers are the worse offenders because they often make limited edition, or quick strike launches that once sold may never be replenished.

To that I say take responsibility you and your select retailers sell product like that online; no lines, no trouble, and still first come first serve, still moving your product on launch day. I feel you have as much to do with the situation as do the retailers involved, (whom don’t always know the quantity they are going to receive or if the shipment will arrive in full on time) for argument sake lets take the case of the last few iPhone launch’s where I will say at least that company put forth the effort whilst the lines where still in the stores many folks did the smart thing and just pre-ordered it on-line had it delivered to their door step on launch day no line, no wait and this is a product that is still replenished today at all of it various retailers.

Now look at a shoe like the Nike Air Yeeyz’s (any of the two launches) limited pairs nationwide never to be replenished in stock and to this day don’t sell for under $600 dollars at least 2nd hand. Now add to that your only store that will carry the Yeezy’s for fifty or more miles has a crowd of 200+, eight hours before it opens with more hopefuls wishing they will be able to wake up and just walk into the store the morning of, only to find out that there are only 45 pairs going to said location.

Take that same scenario and put then on (in this case) Nike’s website, midnight launch day sell them till there sold and when done it’s as simple as “no longer in stock”  can’t fight a website, has actually happened to me for a Jordan launch and I see that and say “damn I should have known better” and then off the to next thing, it’s that simple.- Vonte

headlines: fox news

Alright I Take It Back


For the longest time, I would have sworn that Nicki Manaj was scared to show her toes, and therefore had to have some ugly feet or better yet hammer toes, I mean every time I had seen pictures of her she was in stockings with heels, sneakers or big crazy GaGa boots, and it just didn’t add up what women that puts on heels always has on stockings.  Take the “Moment For Life” video when she slipped into those heels, those stockings gave you no idea of what terrible things she could have stuffed into those pumps.

But I stand corrected and was almost immediately reminded that she had redone that classic Lil Kim “Hardcore” album photo. Oh how I hate to admit it, but I was wrong. -Vonte








iPhone 4S Available Oct.14th

And the S is for speed, but you’ve probably guessed that already, so here’s the rundown according to Endadget’s live blog. The 4S will be both GSM and CDMA technologies in on handset (should make it capable of going LTE or 4G), on the outside to the eyes not much has changed but its all brand new under the glass, apples A5 chip, and a dual core processor 2x as fast the CPU to the iPhone 4 dual core graphics, so 7x faster graphics processing, an eight megapixel camera with and updated lens and intelligent features like face capture.

1080p video with video stabilization, updated notifications with iOS 5 which will also be pushed as to the 4 and 3GS iPhones, so they have cleaned up the obtrusive blue label to and android like pull-down from the top of the screen. an advanced voice activated feature called Siri, you can ask it about today’s forecast. pre-orders start Oct. 7th no news so far of the phantom iPhone 5. I’m still excited for the new iOS, and what really “grinds my Gears” (Family Guy reference) is like the previous “S” model you get the speeds but your phone will look the same “4S” or not, who can do something like that? only the people at Cupertino. That said some real cool updates and a new entry to the current a lower priced 8GB iPhone 4, to go with the 16 and 32GB models. So there it is, still a buy for all the cool features if you have been waiting and for you iPhone 4 owners if you’ve been waiting to get more from your device the the 4S is a good upgrade.-Vonte

Get your video cameras ready…

The US Court of Appeals for the First Circuit in Boston, ruled that it was a violation of the First Amendment Rights to  arrest a man for recording the police.

The ruling originates with a suit filed by Boston attorney Simon Glik, who was arrested for recording another arrest in the middle of the Boston Common.  A pretty public place. The cops had cuffed Glik and taken his phone on the basis that his recording was “secret”—a violation of state wiretapping laws. Which actually held up, until the feds stepped in.

So go out there and get your TMZ and World Star Hip Hop on, and as the cop is in the process of slamming you to the ground just get a quick shot of his face in there and be sure not to cover the mic, that audio is going to be great when the video goes black, just try to hold off on the name calling like pig or anything doughnut related it wont go well with your defense. -Vonte