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(before we start please excuse what grammatical errors I may have missed I suffer from dyslexia)

I feel this needs to be said to all, it’s not about Patti Labelle, It’s not about Paris vs. Kenya, Syria and the other places that faced down terror, I send love to any country that has been terrorized by ISIS I did not change my profile picture but I do not fault anyone whom does, what does confuse me is in a past administration we did have some beef with Paris for not joining us in Bush’s’ war. I did not join in but I know you all recall the “freedom fries” thing (totally stupid by the way) and it wasn’t just fries our nation stopped selling French apple pies and anything else they could. I stand with Paris because I stand with the people not the queen, her government their choices, and I do the same for the innocent in Kenya, Syria, Libya like we all should. NY, Paris stood with us many times They are the reason we have a Statue of Liberty they stood with us when the towers came down and when injustice happens. I’m not sure but I will assume our news doesn’t really reach Syria, Kenya etc.  but I would hope if it does they stand with us also. Care because your human and mass murder of innocent human beings is wrong, not for some social agenda.


And for the Patti Pie Fans that are upset that people don’t care about your pies. It has nothing to do with Patti Labelle it has to do with the energy your spending promoting this product only sold at a place that doesn’t support women in roles of power or did we forget? I know people who went from location to location searching for a Patti pie, sounds great but at the end of the day that’s a win for Walmart so what’s your cause here? I hope she does well, hope she opens some restaurants but calm down people it’s a pie. -Vonte

Whats the message here

Martha freaking Stewart served a full year in jail for pulling her money out before she lost it (insider trading) Lil Kim served a full year for not snitching, (actually just exercising her right to remain silent) these two windbag’s have DUI’s and driving on suspended under their belts yet never have served a minute more that a fortnight in jail.

Paris Hilton DUI September 2006 sentenced to 36 months probation and fines, two times driving on suspended, and also reckless driving to which she was sentenced on may 4th 2007 to serve 45 days in jail to start on June 3. Paris was released 4 days later.

Lindsay Lohan May 26 2007 DUI, and cocaine to which she was sentenced to 45 days of rehab and fitted with a SCRAM bracelet to monitor sobriety, June 24th 2nd DUI and cocaine again, rehab again to which she checked herself in from August to October 5th.  In May 2010 Lohan was scheduled to appear at a DUI progress report hearing to which she was a no-show, and a bench warrant was issued. July 6 she was sentenced to 90 days in jail starting on the 20th and here she is released August 2nd, 14 days in jail.

it’s just not right, can’t be about money Martha Stewart has them both beat (without Paris’ parents fortune that is) so it can’t be about money, can’t be about innocence Paris got her fame by sex tape, and hello the offenses on record are DUI’s. Martha and Kim got a damn year, where’s the justice -Vonte